Sunday, February 27, 2011

Demando Commando

This morning when I got up, all of my kids looked like a truck had run them over. My son asked if we were going to to church only to tell me he didn't want to because he was too tired. I sat on the couch contemplating if it was worth the effort because quite frankly I didn't feel like going either. After giving it much thought I managed to get myself and four kids out the door in 20 minutes and we were off to church.

I treated the boys to Wing Stop for lunch for helping so much with the yard..... even though it was their mess to begin with..... and we headed home. I hooked Makenzie up to her lunch and started the multi-daily clean up routine. I decided I was going to tackle mopping the floors so I set out to sweep up every little piece of dirt and nibble of crumbs on my floor.

Halfway through this process Makenzie was done eating and needed to be changed so I stopped what I was doing, got her out of her chair, changed her and laid her down. I picked up the broom and the pouty face came out. So I put her in her walker and finished sweeping in between turning her around what seemed like a million times.

The boys were outside playing and Makenzie was no longer content being inside. I figured before I got out the mop bucket I would take her out to get her fresh air and brother fix so that I could mop uninterrupted while she watched cartoons. It was beautiful but a bit chilly. I lifted her walker over the threshold and she was in Makenzie heaven! She giggled and laughed walking all over the deck. I chased her all over the deck keeping her from falling off the edge. after a bit I could feeling her fingers getting a bit cold so I guided her back inside and took her out of her walker. I turned on her cartoons and walked away to get back to the chore of mopping but Makenzie was none the happier with me so......................... I gave up!

At this point I was exhausted. This is all new to me. Makenzie is typically content hanging out with Elmo and Big Bird while mommy gets some stuff done. Nope, not any more. Makenzie has turned into Demando Commando..... I think I am going to rename my blog!

Trust me, I am not complaining but this is going to take some getting used to and a bit of extra creativity on my part. I now get to think of more ways to entertain Makenzie so that I can get things done. Hmmmmmm..... any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

By this evening my oldest son looked like a semi truck had run him over. Blushed cheeks, headache, sore throat, achy, and a bit warm. CRAP! I hate to see my kids sick and it looks like we will be heading to the doctors in the morning. My bet.... either strep, or a new strain of the flu because he has already had the A variety this year. Makenzie is set for phenol on Thursday so I am a bit concerned with the timing of this sickness. Please, Please pray for healing!

I am not feeling the best myself tonight so it is of to dose medicine, start water, and head to bed!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Back Yard Cleaning Party

Last night my little neighbor boy spent the night for the first time. He is only 7 and in the first grade but he sure can hang with the big boys! About 11:00pm however he came downstairs talking about some craziness of getting something from his house. I explained that it was too late and  his mom was probably already asleep. He really did not want anything, he just wanted to go home. Then the tears started to fall. I sat him on my lap and we talked for a few minutes and then I turned on a movie. Twenty minutes later he was sound asleep, all was well, and I could finally go to bed!

When we got up this morning it was a beautiful day. There was a nip in the windy air but about noon we all headed out into the back yard in effort to overhaul the disaster our yard had become. Having three boys, a yard the size of a whole city block, a broken sprinkler system, and priorities other then landscaping, equals one big mess.

I bundled Makenzie up, put her in her chair and we all went outside. I raked up dead grass, leaves, broken toys, and trash, into piles while the boys put the piles in trash bags behind me. Makenzie was content sitting in her chair watching for all of about 15 minutes before she started to fuss. The fussing turned into a full fledged yell, and then soon after she was sobbing. Tears steaming down her face, breath holding, and just downright mad!

 I took Makenzie out of her chair and brought her inside. Uh, yeah, not so much. The screaming began again right as we hit the door and did not stop until we walked back outside. She did not want to be in her chair, she did not want to be inside, but she did want me to hold her, which when you are trying to rake is not really feasible. I knew if I left the boys to their own devises  the yard would not get done. So I took her back out and set her on the trampoline where she laid perfectly content until we were done. To say Makenzie knows what she wants would be an understatement at this point and I love every second of it!

After the yard was done it was time to run some errands. My neighbor's son invited two of my boys over to play and so I sent them on over. Before I headed out, I stopped by her house to make sure it was ok for them to stay only to find out she had been in bed all day with a head cold. My boys had been over there for almost a half an hour so it was too late to run from the germs. Crap! Please pray for protection from those germs.

I realize my neighbor would never try to get my kids sick on purpose but do I really need a sign that says "Please don't let my kids enter your germ infested home because it may cause them to bring germs home to their medically fragile sister!"  I do not live in a bubble by any means but I don't like to hang out with sick people either. Oh well!

We headed to Home Depot to pick up some paint and supplies to start working on touching up and painting a few rooms in the house. When we got home I asked my oldest son to help me bring the stuff in. The cashier had placed the quart of paint into the bag. When my son reached the porch with the said bag, it broke. The paint hit the concrete and spilled EVERYWHERE! Nice! So I quickly cleaned that up and will be going back to Home Depot in the morning. I am hoping they will be kind enough to replace the paint see as they should not have put it into a bag to begin with. Another Oh Well!

The yard is clean, the maroon paint has been scrubbed of the porch, Makenzie had dinner, and is sound asleep. I think the boys and I are going to watch a movie while I fold laundry tonight and then it will be off to dream land for the rest of my crew! Oh what a day!

Believe.... Prayer Works!

A Bit Off

Makenzie has been so vocal lately! She seems to always be talking and when you ask her a question she is getting much faster and more consistent with her responses. She has been vocalizing "yeah" a ton when she wants something and letting us know very clearly with her adorable pouty lip that she is not happy.

Today however, Makenzie was a bit off. She was super refluxy, and just seemed out of it. She did however do really well with Speech, and she was happy all day, so I am not sure what is up! Please pray that she is not getting sick! Pray that she wakes up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start another day!

I am going to keep it short tonight because it has been a somewhat long day and again I am tired. Have a great Saturday!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fix It Friday

Makenzie decided  last night she was going to have a World War 3 kind of tantrum at bedtime. Nothing other then leaving her bedroom calmed the sobbing so we hung out on the couch for a little while before I took her back up to her bed, laid her down, covered her up, and walked out of the room. She has been fast asleep since! So this morning I got to play with pictures all by myself. Yippy! So if you missed last nights post check it out as I am doing Fix it Friday a bit early today!

Here is the SOOC image for this weeks fix......

Here is my fix......

and for a little black and white fun....

Believe... Prayer Works!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Makenzie again has been feeling and doing so well.

Over the last few weeks we have tried changing up her therapy schedule a bit. We have added an extended PT session one day during the week. Also her OT changed her schedule a bit to make an OT session back up with a PT session. This give Makenzie two straight hours of therapy two days a a week.

I am love with and beyond grateful for my therapist's commitment to Makenzie as this extra time is not billable. The thing is, it takes a while to prep a body that is so tight. By the time Makenzie is all loosened up and ready to work on functional activities the hour is up and it is time for her therapist to move on. Having two hours also gives us time to get the Neuro suit on Makenzie more consistently.

Makenzie has become much more accepting of the Neuro Suit since two summers ago when we did our intensive at NAPA.  She is so much less sensory overloaded and looks so great in her suit! I am so proud of my girl and how much she has grown!

We will continue to try this new schedule utilizing the Neuro Suit more for the next few months. Makenzie's PT and I are both in agreement that it is time for another three week round of IMOT. I will allow God to open those doors but with all of the house stuff going on and summer coming up it may have to wait until schools starts again after summer break. God's timing is perfect and I will leave it a that!

I am off to tuck my four munchkins into bed and catch some Thursday night TV. I have felt so drained the last 3 days. I am pretty sure it has something to do with all of the hard work I have done with the house over the last 3 weeks. So tonight I am going to try and get some extra rest and try to catch up again so I feel more present.

Believe... Prayer Works!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reflections Of My Life

A while ago I met an amazing woman by the name of Robin. She hung out on my blog and facebook page cheering Makenzie on. Her comments were so kind and uplifting.  Robin is an incredibly successful woman who has lived with CP since birth. This wonderful woman has taken my breath away, she has given me so much hope for Makenzie's future, so I asked if she would share her amazing journey with all of you! 

So without further ado I present to you.....


Reflections of my Life

In 1960 my dad was in the US Navy he was stationed in San Diego, California. As he was boarding his ship to go out to sea someone ran up and told him that his wife, my Mom was in labor. He ran off the ship and ran right to the Naval hospital. My Mother’s labor pains came on very, very quickly, so quickly she didn’t make it to the delivery room she gave birth to me in the hospitals hallway!! She was in Labor for only 5 minutes!! This was in October and I was supposed to be born in December. The fact that I was 2 months premature and that I came out so quickly I stopped breathing for a few minutes and that’s what caused my Cerebral Palsy. I have spastic/hemiplegic CP meaning I don’t have the use of my right side and my muscles are spastic and stiff and I use a wheelchair to get around. My parents didn’t learn about my CP until I was about 9 months old when I wasn’t doing normal things that a 9 month old does plus I was having lots of seizures. My parents were very young in their late teens, scared to death and not knowing what to expect, they were kids themselves.

After my Dad finished is duty in the Navy we headed back East to Pennsylvania. When I was preschool age I went to a preschool through the Easter Seals Society in our area. Through Easter Seals my parents received counseling to learn how to deal with my disability. Someone at the Easter Seals told about a residential school for CP kids that they thought would help me tremendously and I would receive intensive PT, OT and SLP 3 to 4 hours a day 5 days a week. I went there at 5yrs old until I was 8 yrs old. I couldn’t do a thing for myself like dress or feed myself. I also didn’t have the ability to sit, crawl or walk. When my parents dropped me off the school told my parents its best if they didn’t return for a month so that I would adjust to being there. Upon their return to visit me they had me walk down the hall to my parents! My mom told me she cried like a baby to see me walking. I can remember very clearly I hated PT I would cry and cry and cry, but you know what, to this day I am so grateful they pushed me and wouldn’t let my bawling stop them. So any parents reading this with young kids who hate getting therapies it will pay off in many rewards never under estimate your angels they will surprise you in many ways like I surprised my parents.

After High School I went to live at a facility in PA for adults with CP. It was founded by a preschool teacher of mine and it was her dream to have a place for her “kids” as she called us to live when the parents got to old to care for their adult kids. Here’s the website It was here I gained my greatest independence in my adult years. I moved in there not knowing what was to come of my future. Thoughts of will I be there all of my life and what will I do without my parents? I found out I flourished and grew in many ways. After living there for 27 years of my life I wanted to give independent living a try, so in 2007 with the help of my Aunt I moved to Virginia to be close to her. I have 2 aides who come into my apartment to help me with personal needs, house cleaning, errand running and other various things It was scary at first but shortly after moving here I started receiving mental health supports through an agency here in VA. I say mental health because I suffer with depression and anxiety and through the program I’m in they help me with problem solving and they help me with things like medical appointments, phone calling, or anything else I may need help with. Through this agency I also go to a day program through the week for socialization and we go on outings like to the Mall or out to eat

Through the years things have changed for the better for kids and adults with disabilities. Back in the 60’s and 70’s we didn’t have handicapped parking, ramps going into buildings, accessible restrooms with grab bars, and most importantly the ADA laws plus we didn’t realize things could be better and we dealt with not having the things listed above, it was like oh, OK I can’t go in there because there’s steps. As we reached the 80’s, and 90’s I felt as though WOW all this for me?? LOL Now if I see a building not accessible it makes me mad and frustrated, it’s like come on people catch up with the times!!
In closing I want to say I’m 50 yrs old with CP living a happy, healthy life and with the supports from family, friends and God I’ll go far. Everyday I think what new adventure can I get into now, who can I help in return of having so many people help me over the years!!

God Bless and thank you for letting me take the time to share my life with whoever sees this!!

Thank you so much for sharing! You are one strong and amazing woman!!!
Believe... Prayer Works! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is It Reality TV.... Or Just Reality?

I just got done watching this weeks episode of teen mom. I cried.

There is a young mom on the show who had twins. Over the last several episodes they have shown the developmental delays of one of her little girls. In tonight's episode she took her little girl to the eye doctor who proceeded to tell her what most of the special needs community probably could have told her long ago..... the issue is in her brain. 

They ended the episode with her talking to her mom, tears fell as she sobbed. It broke my heart in two. I do not think any one is ever prepared to be told something is wrong with their child but I am not sure I could have handled that news at such a young age!  I just want to give this young mother a huge hug. I want to tell her she is not alone. I want to tell her everything will be ok even if everything is not ok.

I know it is just TV but this mom's pain is so real. It is just as real as the rest of us who are not on a MTV reality show. She is on the journey of her life.

The journey over her is going well. The boys have had off school for the last four days. I just love long weekends (typed with a whole lot of sarcasm!)

Makenzie did great in PT and OT today. She ate very well and did a great job getting her shoulders back with some good weight bearing.I have scheduled phenol injections on March 3rd. Please start praying that the procedure goes well and it helps her hips a ton. Even though we have done this before I am a nervous wreck. She will have to be put under for the injection and that in itself makes me want to crawl out of my skin! Pray!

The market analysis came back on my house today and it looks much better then I thought it would. Now it is time to decide what the best options are for this move.

Tomorrow the boys go back to school, Makenzie has 2 hours of therapy and hopefully, I will be able to run some errands. I am tired. I am emotionally overwhelmed with everything that is going on but I feel so blessed. It is a good thing!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Gift of Brothers

I love mornings that I get to sleep in! Even more, I love that Makenzie can be fed every three hours instead of every four now, and I CAN sleep in.

Makenzie had a great day! The boys were home from school and we only had one therapy. Overall it was a quiet day!

Watching my all of my kids at home together (when they are not bickering) is so much fun!

The other day while Makenzie was getting PT her therapist and I were talking about the family dynamics of having a child with a disability. I was telling her how proud I am of the way my boys care for their sister. We got to talking about all of the things they knew how to do for her and how well they knew what she needs.

As all of my children get older they are responsible for more and more in life. Thinking about the love they have for their sister and how they can continue to care for her in the future is something I think about a lot. Right now I am the mom and they are the children. I ask them to play with Makenzie, read to Makenzie, and watch her during times while I do things like the dishes or laundry.

Makenzie's therapist and I talked about the line between realistic and unrealistic expectations when it come to siblings of special needs children. I was telling her that although my kids know how to start and stop her feeding pump, I had never showed them how to prime it or clean it. That is my job. I have asked them to help me get her dressed but never change her diaper. I dose her medicine and give her a bath. However, I feel like as they get older they can and need to learn how to do these things. Not because I don't want to, but because she is their sister and we are a family. Simply put, I think they should know every thing about her care some day. I am not going to around forever!

Makenzie's therapist looked at me and said......your boys love Makenzie so much and it is a gift they have been given to care for their sister. Being involved is a  privilege.

The more I thought about it, I realized how much they have learned about life in the last 4 years. They have learned much more then many learn in their whole lives. What a gift that is.

Today as  my youngest son read his sister a book I watched from a far. He was so kind and patient. He waited for her to tell him what she wanted to do and then he followed through. They turned pages, lifted flaps, and touched the pictures page after page.

They are gifts to each other.

Makenzie loves all of her brothers with her whole heart. They enrich her life, they motivate her, they entertain her in ways mommy can't, and they have helped her heal.

Makenzie has taught my boys acceptance, unconditional love, God's faithfulness, and the ability to truly think about others needs before their own to name a few.

In the future I know my boys will be up to the more complex tasks in Makenzie's care. For today watching them simply play together makes this mommy's heart swell with pride!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thoughts On Virual Paper

The process of deciding to move is typically one that involves some thought for most. I am sure you are all tired of hearing about this subject but for me the thought behind this move has been much, much, more then I have ever given it in the past. It is deliberate, it has been exciting, and really hard all at the same time. This time around it is about falling in love with what I need not what I want.

After the decision was made to move, I made a conscious effort to not push any doors open. I promised to let God have His way and for the most part I have done an outstanding job until yesterday........

Change is something that happens in life. For some it is easier then others. Typically for me it is on the easier side but in this process God seems to be using a lot of what I have learned about His perfect plan over the last 3 years to teach me more and test how much I have truly learned to trust Him.

I have spent the last almost 4 years making this home work. I know just where everything that I need is. I have adapted life to work within the wall of my house. Yes a house is just walls and earthly materials but when you have a child like Makenzie sometimes those walls keep life sane. They are the one place where I feel truly safe and when I step into my front door life is ok, I can breath, and the world is less scary. It is my home.

Yesterday afternoon we went to look at the walls(house) that my family hopes to call home soon. When I walked in the rush of emotions hit me. I tried to envision where I would put my stuff, where I would give Makenzie a bath, do therapy, cook her meat, where the boys would sleep, and how I would set everything us to give Makenzie the most space to move. Where the hallways wide enough, could the bathroom be modified, and would there be enough closet space for all of Makenzie's "medical" stuff.

After I had thought about all of that came the part where I began to think of all of the thing I would do to make it feel like "my" home. Paint? Floors? Doors? Yard? It became overwhelming. I think it was at that point I lost site of what the true goal was.

Ya see for ten years now I have worked at making my walls feel like mine. Over the years I have painted rooms, added boarders, floors, pictures in just the right places, and while I have four kids and my home isn't really decorated like some model home it is mine. The thought of starting over in that process overwhelmed me.

When we got home I think I was a bit depressed. I was questioning what the heck I was doing. I was sad. I cringed at the thought of leaving behind my safe and comfortable place in this world. The real thought of painting over so many memories made tears some to me eyes.

So I processed, I prayed, and I felt a peace rush over me. God is teaching me trust. He has been for a long time. I would like to think I have been a good learner!Over the last 3 weeks a lot has transpired. A lot has gone right, and I have felt God all over it. For a moment I lost site of that. I do not think it was the house. The house is just fine. This house is what my family needs. I think any house would have made me feel the same way.

But in the peace I found last night I realized that it may take a little while, but new walls will feel like home again one day. They will be the place that makes the world safe. They are just that.... walls. So today I am feeling much better, I am excited again, and the rest of this process I give back to God!

Believe... Prayer Works!



I spent most of the day cooking 12 pounds of meat for Makenzie's formula.

I have so much to say but right now I am just too tired!

We did have a great day. Makenzie was quite vocal and very demanding today. She wanted to be outside, she wanted mommy to hold her, she didn't want to go to bed........ I still love it! People keep telling me that I will get sick of her "tantrums" but it has yet to happen! I am not sure I ever will!

What I do know is that I am tired of being tired so I am going to head to bed!

Believe.... Prayer Works!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing Up

I was a kid once. I remember getting into trouble and giving my parents a run for their money. Shoot, I still give them a run for their money!

Over the last 3 years I have often wondered if my boys were going to be ok. I wondered how much Makenzie's injury would effect them and if I was doing a good enough job juggling their needs and hers. Out side of the actual event and continuous care and change his has been one of the biggest struggles for me.

However, lately the world has shown me that my kids are pretty darn good kids. It has lessened some of the guilt and given me a nice boost of confidence.

But this comes at a cost. My neighborhood is full of kids. These kids are getting older. Some of these kids for what ever reason are not making good decisions and this has been made quite apparent to many who live around here, the school, and even the police department. It is very sad if you ask me. It makes me want to run away.... maybe I will! More though I don't know what to do.

These kids ride the same bus and hang out on the same street as my kids. I have been trying to find a balance between using their mistakes as a lesson but also remind my kids that Jesus love these kids just as much as He loves them.

Then there is the school and the type of content allowed inside the classroom. It is truly amazing to me what kids can say and do at school these days. It really makes me sick! I have called and called with my concerns  to no avail.

Growing up is sure hard to do! I am thinking about homeschooling all of them next year........

Just kidding!

What I do need to do is continue to trust that God will protect them from harm. This world is changing fast but so far so good! I am so proud of my boys! They may not be perfect, they may fight too much, they may not like to clean up after themselves, they may not turn in all of their homework on time, but they are such good kids!

Makenzie had a great day! Our meeting with the real estate agent went well and now we wait for a market analysis. Tomorrow I have no plans, which is great. So I will leave you with a couple of  short videos from today.

This video is not the best but Makenzie's laugh was just to cute not to share!

Oh Baby

It is Fix it Friday over at iheartfaces. I had a ton of fun with this one! 

Here is the SOOC image:

 Here is my edit:


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hard Work!

I am exhausted. Makenzie is eating dinner, the boys are doing their homework and tonight bed time could not come soon enough!

Today with the huge help of my mom we got the house clean..... like really clean. Tomorrow the real estate agent will come and then I will have some more decisions to make. I am so grateful for the support of my family in this process.

Makenzie also had so really great therapy today. Her PT put the Neuro Suit on again. Makenzie looks so good in it and everything she did yesterday seemed to carry over into today! Her shoulders are nice and loose. She is doing a wonderful job with weight bearing in all areas and over all really making huge strides! I am so very proud of how hard Makenzie is working in therapy!

When her OT came she decided to see if yesterdays stair sitting could be repeated. After she put the arm attachments for the suit onto Makenzie they were off to give it a try!

Sure enough Makenzie did it again with less coaxing and she even was able to lean back and put weight into her elbows!  Then it was time for some constructive play in sitting.


Makenzie thought it was great fun to throw herself forward and backwards so Steph made a game out of it. The rules were that Makenzie had to bear weight forward into her hands before she could throw herself back. Makenzie however is five and soon decided it was more fun to break the rules!

However, she did a great job balancing on her therapists lap and even sat all by herself several times!

Makenzie worked really hard today but also had a ton of fun. She did a great job walking in her walker this afternoon and now is sitting her yawning away. Her dinner is done, the boys need prompting to get into the shower and then it is off to bed for the whole lot!

Please pray for a good meeting tomorrow. Pray that we get the best advise possible and that God would direct the decisions that need to me made on going forward with this process of moving! I am so excited but the reality of having to leave this house and pack up 4 kids and 10 years of our life is starting to set in! I am ready! It will be a lot of work but in the end it will be so worth it! The timing and details are all in God's perfect timing!

Believe.... Prayer Works!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blessed Healing

We just got home from my sons second "stringathon". He has been playing the violin in the orchestra at his school for the last two years and I am so proud of him for sticking with it. He has become quite the violinist!

As I sat in the gym with Makenzie in my lap waiting for the concert to start I was awe struck by how different this year was. She loved all of the sights and sounds. She took it all in and the late night was no big deal at all.  A year ago it was really tough. She was so tired and the gym full of people set her into sensory over load. I am so very happy with where we are today! I was able to enjoy every note without the stress of the environment and her exhaustion! Blessed healing!

Today Makenzie and I hung at home. She had two hours of PT and we broke out the Neuro suit again for the first time in a really long time. Makenzie did amazing!

Her therapist used a bench, box, toy, the steps and the cat to entertain Makenzie while they worked on sitting. Makenzie shifted weight through her hips with ease and even put her hands down to the side to catch herself several times.

Then they moved into half kneel. Makenzie's therapist has asked me to do this with her at least once a day. After several attempts I have been able to coax her into it on one side but not the other but her PT makes it look so very easy!  Maybe this request was a trick to make me appreciate what she does for Makenzie more. LOL!

All in all it was a really wonderful day.

Tomorrow we have several appointments as well as a full deep clean of the house in order to get ready for our appointment with the real estate agent on Friday morning. We have made some astonishing headway in readying the house to show and also in finding a home that will be perfect for my whole family! I am so, so, so, so, very excited! I want to say a huge thank you to each and everyone that has played a part in this process! God has been so faithful!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hide and Seek

Tonight I had the pleasure of guest posting on Family Network TV.  Head on over to check out my post and their wonderful site packed with  many resources for the special needs family!


The theme for this weeks photo challenge over at iheartfaces was Red.

Watching the boys try to catch balloons while the wind was blowing was really quite entertaining! When we were done I filled Makenzie's ball pit with them and let her play away! She thought it was great fun to hit and kick all of the balloons off of her!

Trying to fit pictures into a "theme" has been a challenge for my no so creative mind but I am learning so much!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love.......

I love Valentine's Day.

I love the sugary kisses I get after school is through.

I love the smiles that spread across my childre's faces while we talk about school parties.

I love taking a nap on the couch curled up next to my princess.

I love finding candy wrappers about my house.... ok maybe not so much

I love the sweet little handmade cards my children give me telling me how loved I am.

I love Makenzie's way of expressing her love for me by fussing every time I try to leave her side and also the way she does the same when her brothers walk away.

I love just being at home on a night when many are out busy being "romantic".

I love tucking my kids into bed and crossing my fingers, hoping the sugar crash happens sooner then later.

I love ordering Pizza once my house is quiet.... just for me.

I love sitting by the door, waiting for the said pizza, in hopes I can keep the delivery man from ringing the door bell. This will surely wake up the boys and I do not want to share when they come down like little vultures wanting some of MY Valentine's Day dinner! They can have leftovers in the morning!

I love being a mom!

I love Valentine's day.....just me and the four best little Valentine's this world has to offer!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hard Work And Fun Times

This morning when I got up I had the best intentions of getting out the door in time for church. I went upstairs and plugged in my rollers, got out makeup and decided to start going through the stuff in my room. Oops.

Ok, then I decided it didn't matter if I went to church beautiful so I got dressed, called my son who had been at a sleep over to tell him to head home, and then I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more. Long story shot we did not make it out the door.

SO we dug into Josh and Kaleb's room instead. However, before we could begin Makenzie had to be included as I didn't want to leave her downstairs alone so.......

Up the stairs her wheelchair went. Now that was fun!

All of my kids did an amazing job with their rooms. There was only a small amount of arguing about what stayed and what was just plain old hoarding. I mean really keeping stuff you did in 2nd grade ..... three years ago does not need to be kept.... does it?

I am DONE cleaning out EVERY SINGLE room in my house. Now a good scrub down is in order before I call the real estate agent to come take a look. I am really having a lot of fun with this. Having a home that is about 2 tons lighter, looks bigger, and isn't half as hard to pick up is turning out to be a great change. I think I might stay..... ok, that was my thought until I had to carry the chair up the stairs.... gotta move, still going, back is breaking.... self talk....over.

For a treat for all of the hard work we headed to the park. It was over sixty degrees here today and getting out of the house was much needed!

Makenzie was super excited to be outside. The boys took off and ran a ton of bottled up energy out while mommy snapped pictures. It was so nice to be outside again after the last week or so of cold and snow.

There were huge piles of snow that the boys could not resist. They ran up them, rolled down them, and then they found a spot to launch of off into them.

Makenzie thought the whole thing was very entertaining!

As we walked back to the car the boys all slowed down to walk with their sister. Even though I took this same picture the last time I couldn't resist because this time ALL of my kids were there, at the park, walking to the car while I strolled behind taking it all in!

A family friend dropped by this evening with Valentines for the whole family, ending an already wonderful day a little bit more amazing!

Tomorrow is Monday again. Back to the grind with a little bit extra sugar!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Believe... Prayer Works!

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