Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Make Me Smile!

There comes a time when I need to decompress. Even if just for a few moments I need to go to a place were laundry, dishes, therapy,  asymmetrical hips, a sick 13 year old, appointments, and the need to replace our 25 year old furnace, don't exist!

Where better to do that on a sunny winter day, then the park!!!!

The second I put Makenzie in the car with her walker and told her we were going to go to the park she got so  excited. The boy were armed with skateboards and Rollerblades.  When we got there I pulled her walker out of the the car Makenzie started kicking and laughing. It has been so many months since it has been nice enough to head to the park so her understanding of the event had me utterly amazed!

The park that we went to happened to be a school so there were mobiles with a nice smooth ramp for Makenzie to try out! She DID it!! Her steps were so big and so strong! Kaleb stood at the top cheering her on while I hung out behind making sure she didn't go flying backwards!

Going down the ramp was even more fun and the giggling that ensued was absolutely priceless!! As we made our way around to the playground the steps got faster and faster. The boys stood on the play structure calling for their sister to come and play! She made it to the edge of the gravel begging with all her might to get out and play. So play we did!!!

I am pretty sure going down the slide with her brother was Makenzie's favorite. It took some doing and a little help to get her onto the slide but we got er done and it was well worth all the effort! We played on the swings for a while and then I put her back into the walker and she watched her brothers take flying leaps of of the swings before we had to head back to the car.

By the end of our time Makenzie was standing flat on both of her feet straight up in her walker. If you notice in the above picture the chest support in no where near her body!!  Go Kenzie!

And of course she got stuck a few times in the weirdest places!

Getting away, refreshing my soul, and smiling is just what I needed today! We stayed at the park until the sun began to fall right along with our nice warm temperatures

As I lifted Makenzie up into her car seat I could feel her body tighten. I strapped her buckles and shut the door. When I got to the car she was reeving up into a bit huge fit. Her brother talked her out of it until she watched me put her walker into the car. There was no turning back! Nothing helped. I asked her if she wanted to stay at the park and she would settle a bit but when I shut the last door this is what happened.....

Oh boy, me oh my, I think I am in trouble!!!

I should have been at home doing something, anything at all, but instead I was at the park with three of my most favorite people. It was a priceless hour. So simple but this afternoon will not soon be forgotten!!

My other favorite young man had to stay home because sick he is. Which will most likely land us in the doctors office tomorrow. I have a sneaking suspicion he has the flu but we are crossing our fingers that it is not. Please pray for health as we have a busy weekend ahead of us!

Here is a slide show of the rest of the picture from our afternoon at the park!! Enjoy and ......

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

I love the photos in the park, absolutely super, Oatie does the samething, cries his eyes out when he's hadxso much fun doing something special like an "able-bodied" activity. My favorite photo was her brother with his arm so lovingly around Mackenzie on the slide. Love Mel Oatie's mum xxx

Jara said...

I reasonlly found your blog through 'The Fish Tank' and just wanted to commet and how amazing your day at the park sounded! I loved the pictures and am SO proud of your daughter! Her walking on her own and STAND straight! AMAZING! I believe I read earlier that the walker is on loan? Will you be able to get one for her of her very own?

Yours, Jara

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