Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Camp.... Here We Come!!!

Well I managed to make it through a whole Friday without having any last minute stuff come up.

Other then paying the bills, doing the laundry and packing the boy's stuff for camp, Makenzie and I hung low and played all day!

The last few days I have had a problem with serious lack of motivation. I do not feel physically tired but I sure am tired of all the house work and rum drum stuff that needs to be done.

This afternoon after school we loaded up 2 suitcases into the van and heading for church. My 2 oldest boys are headed off to winter camp thanks to grandma and grandpa. They were so excited!

It is always so much fun to see them in social environments. There was one group of girls who were very excited that my 13 year old was heading to camp with them. I had to laugh inside because I am so not ready for girls to like my baby! I know it is about that time but geez!

They loaded there bags under the 2 huge charter buses and off they went! I am pretty sure it takes some kind of saint to chaperone middle school trips because I was happy to reach the quiet of my van after 15 minutes of hanging out waiting for the buses!

I know they are both going to have such a great time! I am so excited to hear all about their weekend when they return! Until then I am going to hang out with my other two munchkins on the couch for a movie tonight.
Believe... Prayer Works!


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