Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Table Top Fun!!!

It is cold. Freezing cold!

Makenzie and I had not left the house for almost four days. There is still snow on the ground and if I were to guess, the temperature has not topped 20 degrees in those four days.

So this afternoon after PT, OT, and our bi monthly visit from the nurse I decided it was time to brave the frigid air and head out to get snow tires put on the van, get an oil change and run to the bank.

In order to do so I had to load up Makenzie's chair. While I was doing that I realized that the van needed to be cleaned out so that they could vacuum during the oil change. There I sat in my half warm van, listening to the radio,  toes in the snow, gathering stuff to bring back inside when much to my dismay my van turned it self off.

I turned the key and it started back up. I went to back it up and pull it forward to make sure it wasn't going to stall out before I loaded Makenzie into the car and discovered that my electric sliding door was out. I couldn't close the door. After some doing I got it working again and we were off.

The tire shop only had three of our tires so I made an appointment for Thursday when the forth tire would be in, and then after waiting for an hour and a half our van was still waiting its turn for new oil so we left because  at this point I had run out of patients!

I dropped Makenzie off at home and ran down the street to pick up an adjustable table. I wrote about our table issues here. After searching on Craig's list I found the PERFECT solution,  really cheap, 10 minutes down the street!!!

This table is the perfect size for all of Makenzie's remote, switch activated toys. It fit just right in the space that we had and it adjusts up and down! It is still a few inches too short but that is nothing a couple pieces of wood and some zip ties can't fix.

Makenzie's brother set up her new Geo Trax train as soon as we brought the table inside. She got this train for Christmas but had not  played with it yet. She laughed so hard! Makenzie can make it stop, go forward, and backward.


Seeing Makenzie watch that train go round and round was amazing! The train would zoom down the bridge and she could follow it just as fast as it could move! Miracle's happen considering Makenzie could not follow a light slowly passing across her face right in front of her eyes 3 years ago!

In the time it took to finish her dinner, Makenzie had payed with her train, airport, and Buzz!

I may not have accomplished anything this afternoon in all of my errand running. However, after seeing the joy in my daughters face while she played with her toys in a place where she could see them and be supported so she could play with them made all of the wasted time meaningless!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Vampymegs said...

AWESOME!!!! It's so great to see her smiling and interactively playing with her toys!!! Warms the heart. God bless you and yours!

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