Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow, New Toys, and Laughter

I woke up this morning to snow. I am going to bed tonight to snow. We have watched little white flakes fall from the sky all day and LOVE it!

As I looked out my door this morning I made the executive decision to stay in our toasty warm home instead of make the chilly adventure in the snow to church. We stayed home all day! The boys played for HOURS outside shoveling, throwing snowballs and making forts.

Makenzie had a wonderful time looking out the window at the snow and giggling when one of her brothers would throw a snowball at her.

We also had some time to play with some of Makenzie's new toys. We sat on the floor and played with her remote control Buzz. I got Buzz right off the shelf at Toy's R Us and Makenzie's speech therapist programed the IR signal into her talker. We still do not have a great place for her to sit so that she can see her toy as the wheelchair is too high up but trust me I am working on that!

Even though Makenzie was not fully supported and her switch was not in the spot she is used too, she did a great job and thought Buzz was great! My 13 year old took some video which is not the best but I am going to put it up anyways so you can see her new toy and how it works. I can make a better video without Makenzie in it to explain more how this type of toy works with her talker. If anyone is interested let me know.

After we were done playing I laid Makenzie on her mat and she kicked and roller herself right off of it getting all tangled up in her switch cords! She was so proud of herself! So was her brother when he snapped this picture!

During dinner Makenzie got to play with one more new toy on her tray. She loved all of the new lights and sounds. I am still amazed every time I watch her arms go! My heart skips a beat even to this day when I watch Makenzie use her hands, all be it not perfect, to play with her toys and for an added  bonus she even enjoys playing!

I wish I could bottle this day up. It was a good one full of laughter and fun! I am not sure whether or not the boys will have school in the morning but if not they have already made big fort building plans!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!!!


bab006 said...

Has she tried a Child Rite seat to sit in the floor and play? Also the Squiggles Floor Sitter is nice but much more expensive.

Makenzies Miracle said...

Thank you SO much for the suggestions! I really appreciate them!

We tried the bumbo seat with Makenzie when she was little. We have never tried the Childrite because similar to the bumbo it would allow Makenzie to sit on her tailbone causing her back to curve and kicking in her flextion instead of sitting on her ischiums allowing for a straight back and extention.

I have never seen the squiggle floor sitter but in looking into it a bit this morning Makenzie is already to big for it and I did not see an option for head support.

Again THANK YOU so much! If you can think of any other idea I would love to hear them ALL!!!

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