Sunday, January 30, 2011

Precious Angels

Today my niece and nephew got baptised at our church.

Baptisms are always such a wonderful event. In this case my family, friends, and our church body wrapped their arms around my brother and  his wife as a promise to help Little Landen and Emma get to know Jesus. What a precious moment!

I watch my brother with his two little angels and am so proud of the daddy that he is. The glow he has is stunning. Six weeks into his children's life I can truly say he is and will continue to be a model dad and husband! I looked at the four of them up on that stage today and saw such a strong God fearing family. I can't wait to watch both of those beautiful babies grow up!

After church we heading over for a celebration at my parents house. Tons of food, laughter, and a bit too much baby passing went on! I however restrained myself from holding any babies. It was hard, really hard but the flu they do not need. I am not sick but I am sure living in the same house as two sickies makes me a carrier of germs.

I also go to see my grandparents for the first time since their accident last year. I was so relieved to find them in good health and although a bit slower, they are the same wonderful grandparents I have love for my whole life! My grandpa is still having trouble with one of his knees and it is causing him some pain. He will most likely need to have the whole knee replaced but before that can happen it needs to heal further from a previous surgery! I ask you to please pray for healing!!!

I had such a good time seeing people I have not seen in years! Life is too busy!

I was also finally able to talk to my uncle, who is a home builder, about some of my ideas for modifying our home. At this point I am pretty sure will will need to move. ( I will post on that another time. )

Makenzie walked around my moms house like she owned it! Every so often she would bump into someone and smile. She so enjoyed being part of the action and was not intimidated by any of it!!!

After everyone had gone home we sat down around the dinning room table and played cards. It was a ton of fun after we all agreed on the rules of the game.

(photo courtesy of grandma!)

It was a really wonderful day! I am so happy for my brother and his wife. I love that God has finally given then the family they have wanted for so long! It was a long journey for them to get to this day and they deserve every ounce of happiness that has come from these two little lives!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


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