Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pony Walking

When your child has physical delays helping your child develop gets thrown to the top of your priority list. For me, I wanted to see Makenzie stand up. I wanted more then anything to see Makenzie move by herself. In the world of special needs to accomplish this upright position means using a "walker".

In the last three years Makenzie's therapists and I have researched many different walkers. Each of them does something different. They are big, bulky, and confusing. They all have different straps, handles, seats, and supports. Some are considered orthotics. Some can be used both as a stander or a walker. Insurance companies don't like to pay for these grossly over priced walkers making it imperative to choose the right one on the first try. 

and try we have..........

Shortly after Makenzie was discharged from the hospital my friend Jenny gave me her sons old walker. The Pony Walker. This walker ended up being a stander. Makenzie never really moved her feet in it and her lack of head control and flextion made this walker fairly useless however it accomplished an upright position which made this mommy happy!

This picture was taken one of the very last times she was ever  in this walker. I could not find a picture of her in it early on.

Then we borrowed a Rifton Pacer from our seating company. We had this walker for a long time. We used it for a while but Makenzie did not step in it either. She stood ok but she cried and more or less hated it so it took residence in the basement for a time.

Makenzie was fitted with the Hart Walker.... which is technically an orthotic.... and she took so independent steps.... kind of. We took that walker to the park and she loved to play on the driveway with the boys however she still refused to keep her head up. It was very hard to put on and one day it did not fit any more so it found a place next to the Pacer in the basement.

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One sunny day I pulled the Pony back out so that Makenzie could stand on the deck and watch her brothers play outside. As she stood there I watcher her lift her feet for the first time ever in a walker. Then she spun herself around and got her feet stuck on the front bar. We tried and tried but couldn't keep her feet off the bar.

So down to the basement I went. I wiped the dust off of the Pacer, readjusted it and this is what happened....

I CRIED!!! I was so proud of my girl and in that moment for the first time since her accident I  watched my girl move by herself! However that was about as good as it got. Makenzie scissored and her hips would slid to the side and she would get stuck. Then when we went to Costa Rica and had an IV put in her foot she refused to bear weight at all so the Pacer again began to collect dust.

We then moved on to a borrowed Kid Walk. Makenzie did not care much for this walker and she could not move it at all.  So it went back to the seating company and we have been without a walker since.

Until today.......

Makenzie's PT at Children's let us borrow a Pony Walker.... a bigger size then the one Makenzie had 3 years ago. We tried it out at the clinic but after messing with adjusting it to her we ran out of time to really see how Makenzie would do so we got to take it home.

I am pretty sure we have found our walker. As soon as we got home I set Makenzie up in it and that was all she wrote........

Makenzie took off! She walked and giggle all over the house. I had to save her from falling off the step several times and she hasn't figured out how to steer so I  had to do a lot of turning but she did it!!!!! She loved it and I am one happy momma right now!!!

After about 25 minutes I took Makenzie out of the walker and she cried until I put her back in and she cruised around the house chasing her brothers for another half an hour until it was time for dinner!!!!

I am so excited right now! What a Miracle! I am so thankful for God's healing and restoration in Makenzie. I am so glad that this day has come.  After waiting for over 3 years, this moments is oh so very sweet!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!!


Amanda said...

What a magical moment for Makenzie! And for you! I can't want for that moment with Will... the moment of independence.

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

That is so awesome, well done Makenzie! That has made my day, so happy for you, love Oatie's mum x

Anonymous said...

Dios es grande!!!

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