Wednesday, January 5, 2011


"A plan is typically any procedure used to achieve an objective. It is a set of intended actions, through which one expects to achieve a goal."

We all have some kind of plan for our life and the lives of our children.

I remember when I found out Makenzie was a girl. I think I had a permanent smile plastered on face face for at least a week. I remember going straight from my ultrasound to Kohl's and buying several pink outfits after we went out to lunch to celebrate! Shortly before Makenzie was born her closet looked like someone had puked Pepto Bismol all over!

My little girl was going to be the pink princess. She was going to love to wear dresses and  having her nails done. Her hair was always going to be in pretty bows and princess slumber parties were going to be abundant.

Up until she was 18 months old I got my wish. I used to paint her nails and she would come to me all day and ask me to look at her "pretties". She hated having her hair done but I did it anyways and she really didn't have much choice in the clothing department.

After her accident after Makenzie was stabilized, my cousin walked down the hall. I ran to her, we embraced and I started to sob. I said something along the lines of.... she is my only girl. She is supposed to have slumber parties and go with me to do girl stuff.

I had big plans but in reality I have no idea if Makenzie ever would have been a girly girl. 

Today we had an appointment which made me reflect on my past plans and think about the plans I need to start getting very serious about making for the future.

Today it was determined that we are going to proceed fairly quickly in getting Makenzie a POWER CHAIR!!!!! 

Because Makenzie now has good positioning, better use of her arms, an greatly improved head control we hired a therapist who specializes in switch placement to come out and help set up Makenzie's talker mount and switch to her chair. We also looked at other switch placement options for a power chair.

In order to drive this type of chair Makenzie will need to have three switches, forward, left, and right. She already has on behind her elbow so we tried one to the left and the right of her head. The therapist told Makenzie she was going to be the motor and asked Makenzie to "move" her chair. When she would push any one of the three switches she would move in that direction and stop when Makenzie stopped pressing the switch.

Makenzie did AMAZING! I would have taken video but of course my camera decided to die right before we started. So now we will practice. Hopefully by the end of next month we will have a power chair to practice in and by mid March it will be ordered and we begin the waiting process...... again! 


Plans need to get serious about a modified van and adaptations to our home as we will need to have the means to transport this chair and a place for her to use it safely. These are probably two of the biggest emotional and financial decisions I will have to make and two decisions I have been trying to run away from for a long time. I figured I had a few more years  seeing as Makenzie is still very small in size however, her "stuff" is very large, quite heavy, and incredibly space consuming!

I am so proud and so excited!!! Please pray that Makenzie catches on to this skill quickly and the world gets a bit bigger for my Pink Princess!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


ParkerMama said...

Praying and Cheering and Happy Dancing too!

Tammy and Parker

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