Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The People In My Life Rock!!!

I have been sitting here trying to think of something more creative to say then.... Makenzie had a great day.... but to sum it all up that is really the beginning, middle, and end. So I gave up.

Makenzie had a great day!!!!!

She had therapy at home and then we went to the clinic for more therapy. Makenzie got a massage which loosened her shoulders up a ton, she worked on tall kneel, all fours, tummy time, and pushing a ball while standing. She giggled, smiled, and played.

Several years ago when Makenzie started having therapy at home we stopped going to all but one of the therapists at the hospital. Over the years as life has gotten busy, I have often contemplated whether or not  to make the trip out there every week. Despite school starting and everything going on with the boys we have  managed to keep making it there.I love Ms Christa too much and she is so good with Makenzie, we just make the time.

Today at therapy Makenzie showed us some wonderful new things she could do but the most fun one was how Makenzie is reacting to the people in her life.

Makenzie is starting to recognize people outside of our family when they are not in her presence.  Every night while I am putting Makenzie to bed we talk about what we did that day. It is so cute to watch because when we talk about the people we saw and what we did with them, she gets so excited.

Today at lunch I told  Makenzie we were going to go play with Christa and she lit up with a huge smile from ear to ear. When we pulled up to the clinic she was all smiles and then when Christa came out to get us she smiled, started kicking, extending, and laughing!  I love it and I am pretty sure Christa does too!


There has been so much healing. I am so very grateful for all of the Christa's God has put in Makenzie's life! We are so blessed!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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