Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have never been in a therapy center quite like the one Makenzie and I went to yesterday. Makenzie was referred for OT and speech to this clinic to further fulfill her IEP services and goals.

This center was on the 3rd floor of an older building. There were only 2 handicap parking spots which were taken. The hallways and doorways where narrow and when we finally were able to navigate our way into the waiting room it was super small.

By the time we made it into the treatment area I was already a bit overwhelmed. This was only the beginning. As the therapist introduced herself to me I was distracted by a small closet overflowing mats piled again the wall, books stacked on top of selves, more boxes of puzzles then an army of children could play with in a week, paperwork and personal bags scattered on the floor, and large bike leaned up against the wall.

We started our appointment with the typical starter questions which were interrupted by a cordless phone laying on the floor which rang off the hook the entire time we were there. When finished our OT portion of the appointment we were escorted into another room which I barely managed to squeeze into with Makenzie and her chair for speech. We talked about Makenzie's talker and how to build her vocabulary until once again we were interrupted by the telephone. Makenzie and I sat there twiddling our thumbs for almost 10 minutes while the therapist gave directions to the clinic to her next client. We stayed another 5 minutes and I packed up Makenzie's stuff and we headed home.

 I am sure all of the therapists who work there are good. However, the environment was a sensory nightmare. Makenzie was overloaded and very tight by the time we left which doesn't equal learning around here.  We will not be going back.

Makenzie continues to do great in her walker. Makenzie has not used her muscles like that in a very long time before our adventure to Target yesterday and she was understandably a bit sore today. I gave her some Motrin and a good massage which seemed to help a lot.

Today my little brother is flying in from Korea and I am so very excited!!! We are all going to head to the airport to meet him this afternoon and then go out for lunch. Right now I am guessing he is flying over the ocean and pray that he has a safe and relaxing flight all the way home!

 While I do not have a child with Down Syndrome I do have the same hopes, dreams, and the great desire to have the world see Makenzie for the beauty of who she is as the DS comunnity! Please watch this short video. It is very moving!  I share so many of the same thoughts as Nella's mommy, Kelle on the beauty of all children with special needs! Please consider supporting the National Down Syndrome Society in honor of little Nella Cordelia Hampton.

 If you heart is leading you please donate here.

Please pray that Makenzie wakes up this morning with a  body that is less sore and ready to conquer the airport! 

Believe... Prayer Works!


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