Monday, January 3, 2011

Innocent Love!

Oh boy was it ever nice to be back to regularly scheduled life today!!! The boys were up and out the door by 7:15am. Makenzie was fed and ready for the day by 9am. It was quiet and there were no extra  messes made ALL day!

Makenzie was so alert and happy all day! I think she likes the quiet too! She however was not very happy when her brothers left this morning. She loves them so much and when they leave this is what happens......

 As we are saying our have a good day's, Makenzie gets this face......

Then the door opens and Makenzie starts to wind up......

When the door shuts and they are gone she suffers from full fledged heartbreak.......

With a little loving distraction Makenzie is all smiles again and we are ready to move on with the day!!

We were back to PT, OT, and Speech today.  Makenzie had a ton of fun! She was so happy to see all of her therapists and did a wonderful job!

In OT they did a lot of sensory stuff today! They played with a vibrator and Makenzie got a kick out of pushing it onto the floor so she could watch Stephanie  pick it up!

Then out came the feathers! Makenzie is not so fond of touching them but when they fall from the sky she laughs so hard I am afraid she may hyperventilate! I love to see he so happy. The other think I love is where Makenzie is looking ..... up! I took about a hundred pictures of this event but this was my favorite. Before the first round of stem cells Makenzie could not look up and she certainly could not track a moving object from top to bottom. She can now and seeing it in print is AMAZING!!!

She also got to play with her new Buzz today during speech. I found an infrared remote control Buzz at Toys are Me and her therapist came to program it before Christmas. I will get some video soon but she can make him dance, go forward, backward, and make him talk all with her switch and her talker!!!  I guess this Buzz does over 2000 different things but we will start with those few for now!

Tomorrow we have a very busy day with therapy, a trip to argue with the people at the social security office, and to the hospital to see the neuro physiologist for Makenzie's IQ testing. I am loving it!!! So glad to be back to normal! Winter Break is OVER!!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!!!!


Reed Family said...

Awww! How precious! It's sweet that she adores her brothers so much.

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