Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hanging Out, Having Fun!

Sleeping  was not in the cards last night.

I put all of the kids to bed and fell asleep. At midnight I woke up, made Makenzie's water, dosed her medicine, and couldn't fall back to sleep! At almost 3am I think I finally fell asleep. Getting up this morning was tough.

Makenzie had a good day. She worked really hard in both PT and OT. She is doing really got with eating again after a bit of a break. The support of her new wheelchair has really helped a ton! She also did some good weight bearing in PT.

I still have not received Makenzie's IQ test report. So today I spent a good portion of the morning making phone calls trying to figure out if it was ready. Miraculously the physiologist was just finishing it up today and I was told it would be in the mail tomorrow. Funny how that works. I wonder how much longer it would have sat on some ones desk indicated had I not called. I requested that they also fax the report over to my PCP so I am hoping to have it in my hands soon!

We managed the grocery store this after noon and came home to dinner and Grandma Linda.

What a wonderful evening it was! We all sat down together and had dinner. The boys had a bit of homework so while they worked on that Linda and I just hung out at the table a caught up on the last couple of months. Now that my house guests have gone home and Steve has begun to feel much better after beginning his treatment we had time to just be together. So nice.

Once homework was done we all played some X Box Kinect. We have a sports game that is super fun but let me tell you, it kicked my butt! I was out of breath and my boys got a good laugh over that. I have decided that picking up one of the workout "games" for the X Box is in my near future. Maybe I can get in shape while in my pajamas!

 This is a video I took around Christmas of the boys playing their new game!

We laughed so hard. Of course the boys won every time but it was still a great time!!! Makenzie thought we were pretty funny too. She thought it was great to walk right into the game sensor and mess everyone up. I would push her back and before we knew it she was standing right next us giggling away!

I should have been doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, or doing the laundry, but for tonight all of that will have to wait! I love nights just spent together. Doing nothing but having fun! There is always tomorrow to get everything else done, right?

Believe... Prayer Works!


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