Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Complacency.... Or More Like the Lack Of!

For the last 3 years I have had a very happy, complacent little girl who by really no other choice just went with the flow.

Slowly but surly that is changing. Over the last year Makenzie developed a knack for temper tantrums at bed time complete with breath holding, blue lips and all. Then she started giving the pouty lip when the boys walked out of the room with a full blown cry feast if they did not come back. This led to sneaking out the front door for school and play time with friends. A few months ago Makenzie started fussing if I tried to sit at the computer or on the couch when she wanted to do something else.

It has been wonderful to watch the healing. It has been almost 4 years since her accident. Watching Makenzie continue to heal and grow is breath taking!

But wait....... I am not finished telling you about my girl who is, not oh so complacent any more.

Over the last 2 weeks.... well 1 week, 6 days, and 6 hours..... since Makenzie's therapist let us borrow the new walker, I have watched her bloom, change, grow, and heal at warp speed.

My girl wants to go. Makenzie knows now that she can, and sitting still is not an option anymore.

Makenzie has gotten much better with turning and now that her legs are not so sore she is pushing much better. This has given her some wonderful forward progress with turning the walker and she has even managed to get her self unstuck several times. Most of the time though mommy has to come to the rescue and turn her around.

For the last 2 weeks when she has become "stuck"  Makenzie has stood in that place waiting very quietly and patiently for mommy to come and move her...... until today. Today Makenzie decided to find her voice, squawking, squealing, and whining the second she could not move.

For the first half of the day I smiled and thought it was the cutest most wonderful thing ever. By lunch I realized this new behaviour was going to get old really quickly. Makenzie is moving fast and today the second I got my hands in the dish water, headed to the mailbox, started to switch out the laundry or heaven forbid attempted to put it any of it away, I had to turn around to turn Makenzie around.

Don't get me wrong I am not complaining AT ALL and I will continue to do 180 degree turns until Makenzie figures out how to do them all by herself, but let me tell you.... I didn't get much done today! I LOVE IT!

We did manage to make it on some errands and there was not wheelchair in site. Just my little girl, on her own two feet, collecting smiles from all who witnessed her miracle.


I am so dang proud. I am so excited, I think there are permanent butterflies in my stomach. I am so thankful to a God who is healing my daughter in His own perfect time. Tonight I am shouting from the cyber space roof top, no matter if this healing is $10,000 stem cells, or $2000 ABM, or nothing at all ,..... TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Believe... Prayer Works!


hannah said...

I love how patient you are with your little princess. This post made me smile and encourages me to have more patience in my own life and with my very special babies at work, many of whom are just like Makenzie. Thanks for sharing!

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