Saturday, January 8, 2011

Come Back Monday!!!!

I am so tired!! I know most people think I am crazy but my favorite day is MONDAY!!! The kids go to school. the therapists come and entertain Makenzie (ok it is a bit more then entertainments but don't tell Makenzie that!!!!) and the house is quiet. As much as I love my kids I do enjoy peace every once in a while!

Today I fried 12 lbs of meat because low and behold there was no propane left. I guess that was a bit better then standing out in the cold to grill it anyways. Cup half full baby!

I made formula, folded laundry, got my son new glassed, got myself new contacts, rushed home to head to a birthday party, and got home after my boys complained the entire party about 8:30pm, fought with them to take showers, fought with them to go to bed, laid Makenzie down, and fixed me a Margarita!


This morning I found my son on the computer with a Photoshop tutorial open. He was "fixing" a picture of Morgan. It was so cute to watch him. He flipped through the book looking for a few things he could fix. He removed a few blemishes, made his eyes sparkle, transformed his frown into a smile, whitened his eyes, and sharpened the picture!


When he was done he was so proud of his finished product. He was a bit frustrated with the smile thing because it "messed up Morgan's cheek"  but the rest was art! Fun stuff!

I am done for today! I am ready to dose meds and head to bed!!! We are in for another crazy day tomorrow!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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