Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chicken Soup For the Sick Soul

Or the not so sick any more soul!

The boys woke up feeling much better this morning! No one else is showing any signs of becoming sick! Praise God!!!

So this is what my house smells like this afternoon.....

I don't care for the smell of bleach at all, but today it was a welcome scent as it signified all of the germs being washed away! GONE!

For lunch my not so sick boys, who have already begun fighting again, asked for Chicken Noddle Soup for lunch. I guess it also soothes the not very sick soul as well!


I have also been plugging away at the laundry and with any luck and with no major interruptions it may just get done!!!

Makenzie is hanging out in her walker and I am thinking we may head to the park again.  Sixty degrees in January......... We should be wearing hats, coats, and boots this time of year, but instead we will through on a lite jacket and head out to enjoy some wonderful fresh air! Now that is better then the stench of bleach anyday!

Thank You for all the prayers!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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