Sunday, January 2, 2011


January means time for the slide show recap of the year.  I really enjoy having so many memories saved in this fashion and so do the kids!

All of these slide shows have been a great source of entertainment for Makenzie. We watch them both on out of state trips and at home. She loves her brothers so much. Seeing all of them on the screen is all most as good as having them in right here when they are not near.

Makenzie also loves music so I try to add songs I know she is especially into at the time to the slide shows.
This year I have even figured out how to change a wmv file to an mp4 and we now sport the family memories on the iPad!

So here is this years recap of 2010!

The boys are so ready to go back to school! They will never tell you that... LOL... but today they bickered all day. I am pretty sure they are bored but their mommy is very tired and leaving the house was not an option!

However we did break out the moon sand this afternoon and Makenzie thought that was really great!

 The boys also got good use out of their new video games and Morgan got to hang with the big boys!

There has not been much going on around here. I am worn out from the last 2 weeks so we just hung out and enjoyed being at home. Tomorrow will be back in full swing, school, therapy, and getting up when the alarm goes off.

There is much to do and I pray that I can muster up the motivation to get some of it done! After the last 2 weeks, sitting on the couch listening to the silence, eating Bon bons with a glass of wine, sounds a bit more appealing then working but........

Believe... Prayer Works!


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