Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twin Miracle's

I have waited and dreamed of this day for 13 years. Today my little brother became a daddy times two!!!

Makenzie and I went to the hospital this afternoon to visit for a little while. I am so happy for my brother and his amazing wife!

After 2 months of bed rest and a few pre term labor scares I have a perfectly healthy niece and nephew!!!  Yeah God!!!

Makenzie had a wonderful day. We only had speech today and her therapist was amazed at how well she did in her new chair. To be quite honest I am still amazed as well!

Tomorrow will be one full week since we brought her chair home and honestly I can say that both Makenzie and my quality of life has greatly improved!

For starters and most exciting, Makenzie has not be refluxing much at all while being fed in her chair!!!! I realized today that Makenzie has worn the same outfit ALL day for 3 days now! I have not carried around a burp rag and other then the normal drool I have not found spit up in her hair or on my floor all week!

The extra support has allowed Makenzie to use her arms a ton more. I have been putting the tray on and Makenzie insists on having toys to play with!  She has been touching, feeling, and pushing the buttons with very little flexion and much pride!

She is tolerating the foot plate well and it seems to be helping to desensitize her feet and she is tolerating weight and touch a ton more. I have noticed that Makenzie has not been flexing against everything that touch her feet while on the floor resulting in her curling up in a ball. Instead she has been pushing off of anything that gets in her way to move herself all around the room. She has also be more accepting of putting weight through her feet to bridge her hips while on her back!

As for me, there is something about seeing my child sitting strait up that makes my heart feel lighter. It has given me more energy and motivation to do the daily rum drum stuff because I know my princess is not laying on the floor in a ball, she is not flexed and crooked in a chair, and she is entertained with toys in front of her instead of the TV.  It is invigorating!

I still can't believe one chair could make that much difference but it has!

There are only four days until Christmas and I am almost ready.... almost! The next four days are going to be crazy!

Are you ready?

Believe... Prayer Works!


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