Monday, December 13, 2010

Take Two

Wheelchair fitting...... Take Two!

Heading down to Aspen Seating/Ride Designs today I was not sure what to expect. I have had so many people ask me what the process is and other then the some what vague details I have already shared I didn't really know what was next.

When Makenzie, Erica, and I got there today we sat in the room anciously waiting. After a few minutes the seating specialist came in pushing this beauty!

This is was the raw seat mounted into Makenzie's new wheelchair base! I loved it! So clean and new. Pink and wheelchair looking!!!! Three years ago I wanted something that was as far away for wheelchair looking as I could get. Today I embrace it. I am so looking forward to people recognizing this chair as a part of what Makenzie NEEDS instead of a stroller that we can stash away at the restaurant in exchange for a high chair or being told that I must park her "stroller' outside of an event or attraction in the stroller parking when they are not allowed inside.

 I guess all of the above may sound shallow and silly but the thought of not having to stand in crowd of people, in front of my very smart daughter to explain that she can't sit without her wheelchair makes me very happy!

Ok so back to our appointment. LOL!

It was now time to try it out. The first step was to see how well the seat fit her. So we placed her in the chair. It fit like a charm! The had to change the laterals, the seat depth, and the angle a bit but that was no biggy!

They then took the chair back to another room, fixed those few things and returned with a head rest attached. They also brought her leg straps to begin placing them onto the chair. We placed Makenzie back into the chair and slid the head rest over her and she melted right into the chair! I was one happy mama!

We fastened the leg straps and Makenzie started to pout. Then she started to flex and pout. Then there were a few tears and the momma bear was ready to ROAR! I was a good girl though and let them do what needed to be done! She fussed a bit more but all was well after we brought the bubbles out! Then she was all smiles and laughs!

After she was settled down we put the foot rests on and she tolerated those amazingly well! We had a whole contraption ready to go with a less solid foot plate and all kinds of crazy wrap around stuff to give her some support without making her feel confined. I am not thinking the whole contraption will be needed which is huge! Big time healing in the last 6 months!

After about 20 minutes we took her out again to check for irritation and oh boy irritation we did find! The way the leg straps where applied cause a huge cherry red mark all the way around the back side of her leg.

They tried a few more things to keep her hips anchored and then we gave up for the day. Keeping Makenzie's hips straight is going to be a challenge! We have a few more ideas for tomorrow and I would ask that you pray one of them work!

Our next appointment is tomorrow. Tomorrow we should have a finished product! Please pray this last appointment goes well. Pray that we can get Makenzie's hips anchored and everything else is simple and easy! I know that is a tall order but I trust and know that with God it is possible!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Reed Family said...

Wow! I think Makenzie looks so grown up in the new chair.

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