Friday, December 10, 2010

Simple Things!

The simple things in life seem to be the memories that last.

The simple things in life seem to bring the most laughter and joy.

The simple things in life like:

Watching amazingly handsome men play Christmas Carols with iPones and iPads and thinking about Makenzie being in a band one day with technology like this!

The simple things in life like:

Sitting out on the porch witha a best friend,on a hot AZ night, drinking margaritas, listening to Pandora Internet radio, and laughing, then crying, then laughing again. Only to look at the clock that now read 2:30am!

The simple things in life like:

Having a two hour conversation with a friend who lives across the country about a whole bunch of nothing. All while one dose the laundry and the other the dishes thousands of mile apart!

The simple things in life like.......

Going out to lunch with 3 non ambulatory kids, and a friend with a newly broken foot. (ok not so simple but ya know!) Then heading to the mall to "shop" . Buying a 6 dollar pair of sunglasses, trying on really gaudy sunglasses, looking at a huge store full of jewelry, talking, laughing, complaining, hobbling, and laughing some more!

Today Erica and I did just that! We had a great time! Makenzie LOVES to shop! She loves to touch everything she sees! We tried on lots of pretties and looked at clothes we could not afford!

Makenzie loved to see herself in the mirror! She got the biggest grin and was so proud!

And of course Morgan had to join in the fun too!!!

I really enjoy the simple things in life!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


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