Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rockin and Rollin

Have I ever mentioned how much Makenzie LOVES movement?

Today I sat her down so I could get something for one of the boys. I walked into the kitchen and could hear her giggling. There was no one else in the room with her so I went back in to see what she was laughing at and this is what I found........................

Makenzie's therapists hate this chair and I understand why but Makenzie loves it. The thing is we don't always get to have what we want or in Makenzie's case, what she loves!

The last time Makenzie's PT saw her in the above chair she told me that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was to take that chair out to the trash on trash day! This chair is comfortable for Makenzie but it is not good for her posture at all. It allows Makenzie's spine to be crooked and her hip uneven.This chair is easy for me to set Makenzie for a few minutes as opposed to setting her up in her chair. This chair allows Makenzie to feel movement all by herself. Even though we both love this toddler rocking chair, it needs to go in the trash.

We are going in for our 2nd appointment in the processes of fitting Makenzie for her new wheelchair tomorrow. Maybe just maybe this new chair will allow Makezie's physical therapist's Christmas wish to come true!

Please pray for a smooth appointment! Pray that this new chair will work for Makenzie!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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