Friday, December 24, 2010

The Nutcracker

Merry Christmas!!!!

Today was a day that could have come straight from the movies.

As I sit here listening to Christmas music and helping my good friend set up her son's new iPad up over the phone I am glowing. Words really can't express how truly amazing I feel tonight on this Christmas Eve.

Today we headed out to see The Nutcracker. Getting 10 people out the door all dressed up is quite a job but we got it done and everyone looked amazing.

We of course arrived with about 30 seconds to spare and the curtain opened as we were settling into our seats. The seats were amazing and everyone could see the grandness of the stage and dancers. Makenzie sat straight up in her wonderful new chair with her eyes fixed on the ballet. After about two minutes she got the biggest smile on her face and turned to look at me with sheer excitement in her eyes.

I nuzzled up next to her and tears started to stream down my face. I am not sure I can explain the exact feeling but seeing her beautiful heart shaped face so happy was just a bit more then my heart could handle. There I sat, at a ballet, with all of my kids on Christmas Eve and even my daughter was enjoying herself.

Three years ago I wasn't sure she would ever enjoy anything the way she did today.

Tears came at the realization of how utterly perfect and beautiful my family is. I am pretty sure there is not one single Christmas present that could out do the feelings of complete peace and joy I felt this afternoon.

The only thing Makenzie did not care much for was the cymbals. There were a bit much for her sensory system but there were no tears, just a very concerned look every time they crashed together.

Thank You so very much to the Colorado Ballet for making this all possible!

As soon as we got home the boys started in on the excitement of Christmas morning. They tried to put themselves to bed at about 7:30pm. Ah no.... that equates to a 4:30am wake up and that is not happening!!! So I turned on A Christmas Story and we sat together to watch it and as soon as it was over all 3 of my kids raced to bed!

So now Santa has to work "his" magic before mommy can go to bed and then it will be CHRISTMAS!!! I can't wait to see the innocent joy in my children's faces tomorrow morning! I can't wait!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


The Henrys said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad that you were able to do this and that you all had such a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!

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