Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Normal World

It is so much fun to have a friend to talk to at 11:30 at night. The margaritas have been poured and we have talked about men, in laws, kids, ex's and really anything imaginable.

When Erica's 7 year old daughter slid down the stairs a few minutes ago we both just laughed. She was "hungry" and we indulged. Two juice boxes and a granola bar later it was back to bed for her and back to laughing  and talking about any thing and everything.

I love having my friend here. I really do! Even though adding 5 more people to my home can be a bit crazy it is so amazing.

Lately I have been feeling like there are so many people that don't understand my life. In reality there are not many that do understand but there are some that do..... kind of. Parker's mommy wrote about this same feeling here. Check it out!

Today as Makenzie did therapy on her mat in my living room and so did Emily. Two therapists.... 2 kiddos with CP..... one room.... same time..... very cool!  Makes this mommy feel very normal!

Normal is a good feeling when you live in a world who doesn't understand what it is like to haul around a 50 pound wheel chair, meet with a nurse every 2 weeks, arrange 2-3 hours of therapy per day, travel all over the world, clean up reflux, tube feed, fight with insurance companies, and advocate everyday for a child who can not fight for herself.  Normal.... it's a very interesting word.

Tomorrow we have another day full of therapy and swimming lessons. Another day full of normal stuff!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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