Wednesday, December 29, 2010


When I said that we had crossed the Christmas finish line I was mistaken!

Today Grandma Linda came over for the very last Christmas celebration. It was short but very sweet! The boys had a ton of fun and Makenzie loved opening her presents. More then anything she loved the tissue paper!

Makenzie had a great day in therapy and there was very little reflux and NO vomiting today! Thank you so much for the prayers! God is good!


This evening Makenzie, Morgan, and I braved Target in our pajamas! As I was putting Morgan in the cart I could hear someone talking to Makenzie. People do that alot so I just went about my buisness until I faintly heard the gentle man say something about the special olympics.

I looked up to see a young man with Down Syndrome and his father. I smiled and we introduced ourselves. We stood there for a few minutes talking and then the young man helped me push the cart to the isle we needed and we said our goodbyes.

I love moments like that. I did not know this man and his son from Adam but somehow there was a connection. There I was at target. Pushing my daughter walking with a skip in my step next to a young man who could see the special in Makenzie and two strangers who could see the beauty in each others children!

What a wonderful day!

Believe...Prayer Works!


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