Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finish Line!

This is the scene we closed out Christmas with! It was absolutely gorgeous! We have officially crossed the Christmas finish line!

Getting together with my family is always a ton of fun!

This year we met at my aunts house which is about an hour away . Packing the car was a ton of fun considering this afternoon I also started my three night and four day adventure of taking care of Mr. Morgan while his mommy and daddy had a weekend together in Vegas! I loaded the wheelchair, 2 diaper bags packed to the brim, pictures, toys, a portable swing, and of course all five kids and we were off!

We spent a ton of time talking, laughing, and eating way to much. The boys played a round of two of RISK with my cousin on the iPad.  We looked at pictures and videos, and met my cousins new baby.......

Makenzie had a pretty good day other then the fact that she was very refluxy. I am not sure if she is getting sick or if she just spent too much time in the car today. As soon as we got to my aunts house she lost a good portion of her lunch so I opted her out of dinner as we had a long drive home through the middle of nowhere and did not want to risk her getting sick in the car.

As much as I love the Christmas season I am ready to get back to life as usual. I guess that makes me a scrooge but all of this running around and being off of the normal schedule has worn me completely out!

Makenzie and Morgan are fast asleep. The boys are an their way to bed. I am sure once I decide to lay my head on the pillow a certain little six month old will decide it is time to eat again and my quest for rest will have to wait for a little while longer! I must love that little man a whole lot!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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