Friday, December 31, 2010

2010..... Love, Hope, and Healing!!!

In January we had just begun ABM with a practitioner near us. After our first intensive session we saw many cognitive and physical improvements in Makenzie. I was driving Makenzie downtown often and life was a bit crazy! Makenzie began to get  much more movement in her hips and was finally able to bear weight through her shoulders!

Therapy, therapy, therapy, was February's theme. I was trying to decide were to go with ABM. Were we going to stop traditional therapy for a while and just do ABM, could we do both, or would ABM have to take a back seat a while. This was an incredibly stressful decision for me.

Makenzie arched her hips all by herself many times this months and I could not have been any more excited!

Makenzie and I made special cards for her Valentines day party at school and she also received an amazing blanket from Jackson's Blankies for Babes!

March was a really great but very busy month. We traveled to San Fransisco to meet Anat Baniel. She was really great. Makenzie loved her lessons, the beach and time with just mommy while we were away!

We also got to meet Makenzie's friend Christian and his family this month. We had a lot of fun hanging out, playing at the park, visiting doctors, taking pictures, and having lunch with with Cici and her mommy too! What a great time with good friends!

What a beautiful spring day it was for a walk around the lake and time at the park!!!!

Stem cells in Costa Rica,  Easter, and G tube feeding, all happened in April.

We traveled to Costa Rica for more stem cells with some very good friends of ours, Julie and Joey, Brock, Lisa, and Al, and Gracie, Jennifer, and Scott.  We had a wonderful time while we were there and each and every one of us arrived safely at home when our trip was through.

Our family shared a wonderful Easter together. It was a beautiful day and we spent a ton of time outdoors playing basketball and enjoying each other.

At the end of the month Makenzie's J tube broke on a Friday afternoon. I put a g tube in her and despite many people who thought Makenzie would not do well with food in her stomach she is still G tube fed today and doing well!!!

The weather was changing and it was time to spend much more time playing in the yard. We took our first trip to our family's cabin in May since Makenzie's accident and had a blast taking a hike, sitting in the hot tube, socializing at Starbucks, and being together for the last time before my brother headed to Korea for at least a year!

Makenzie and I also attended a Mothers Tea put on by CP of Colorado. We had a lovely time chatting with new friends and watching all of the amazing kiddos strut their stuff down the runway for a Gap fashion show!

June was another busy month. My good friend got married and had little baby Morgan. What a fun time that was cuddling with a bitty baby and watching as my friend said her vows to her brave husband who had traveled all the way from Iraq to get married and see his son be born!

This month we also started the process of getting Makenzie a new wheel chair! She was such a trooper and at the end of our quest for a liner seat made the decision to start the long process of obtaining an Aspen seat for Makenzie!

Fire Works, birthday party, iPad,  and airplanes are the words that describe July.

We celebrated the Fourth of July with our friend Julia and her family. It was a ton of fun to watch the boys light off fire works, run around while getting wet on the inflatable slide, and see Makenzie's face light up at the lights and sounds of all that was around her.

We had a birthday party for Makenzie at our house with close friends and family. She laughed so hard when we sang happy birthday and she got some really great gifts including the iPad.

The iPad changed life for Makenzie. It motivated her for the first time since her accident to really use her hands and arms. She began to be interested in learning her letters, colors, and name, through different apps.

We also traveled to AZ to spend so much needed time with my great friend Michelle. We also took time out for a week of ABM while we were there with Joey and Julie. In total we were gone for 3 weeks and enjoyed all of our time away!

What would make a summer complete but a trip to the amusement park, and a family reunion.

We traveled about 2 hours away into the mountains to hang out with our whole family this summer. Even though I forgot Makenzie's wheel chair and had to go and by her an infant stroller we had a great time! We put our feet in the stream, played mini golf, road go karts, fished, and much more!

Then it was time for Makenzie first day of Kindergarten. She looked so dang cute and all of her classmates loved her twinkle toe shoes. She had a wonderful first couple weeks of school before I realized that the district was not going to provide Makenzie what she needed and I pulled her out to home school her.

September was a months to relax with friends and take time out to document this time in our life through pictures. Thank you Mary Beth for giving us memories that will last a lifetime!

October began Makenzie's homeschooling adventure. She loves to learn and is so proud when she learns something new!

We also went to a softball tourney for the Rise school and had a great time hanging out with friends, watching the clowns and making animal balloons!

Makenzie also had a much smaller g tube button put in and since then she has been doing much better on her stomach. Sometimes the most simple things make the most difference!

November we had a wonderful Thanksgiving again with our family! The boys went out to the park and played football before dinner and then we all ate way to much!

We met another friend this month! He is an amazing 3 year old little boy named Giovanni. His mom and I have so much in common and it has been a joy to get to know Christiana and her family!

Makenzie also got her new braces this month. They have greatly decreased the sensitivity in her feet. She has begun pushing into things instead of flexing away from them. It has been amazing to watch! Again simple things, huge difference!

This month our family grew by 2 with the birth of my niece and nephew! After 9 weeks of bed rest they were both born completely healthy! I can not wait to watch them grow into amazing little people!!! I am so proud!

Makenzie also finally got her new chair! It was quite a process but she looks amazing in it and make such a world of difference in so many areas but the biggest for me is the decrease in Makenzie's reflux since she has been positioned correctly!!

We trimmed the tree, made gingerbread houses, saw the Nutcracker, had many great dinners and wonderful time with our family!

This has been a blessed year of family, friends, love, hope, and healing!!! Thank you for all of your prayers and support this year!

Happy New Year and as always......

Believe... Prayer Works!


Anonymous said...

I just want to personally(as much as I can via the net) to say Thank You for your blog. It has been such a strength to me. God bless you. :)

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