Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving break has come to an end and we went out with a bang!

This morning was spent feeding, diapering, bathing, formula making, cleaning, diapering, clothing, and playing. By the end of the ordeal we were ready for the day and the house was ready for our Christmas tree!

The boys got home early afternoon and we headed out to lunch and to Sam's Club. By we I mean WE.... Erica and I plus 7. I still think when we are together we have John and Kate... Or just Kate.... plus 8..... way beat. Seven kids, 1 teenager who thinks we are embarrassing, 3 pre teens who still haven't figured out how to act in public, 2 princesses who have special needs and can not walk, and an infant. Yikes!

After lunch we left the waiter a nice size tip because believe you me he earned it. We then headed to Sam's to stock the cupboard to feed this huge brood for the next several weeks. Let's just say there where several times  Erica and I walked away shaking our heads, denying that we knew any of them.

All joking aside they were really good kids and we got in and out pretty quickly. We made it home, put everything away, and brought up the tree and ornaments from the basement.

I have always kept Christmas decorating simple around here. Most all of my Christmas stuff can be found in 2 boxes and put up from start to finish in two hours or less. I have been called a Christmas scrooge but it works and keeps decorating fun for me instead being a major chore.

Boy did we have fun! Candy Canes, holiday music, hot chocolate,lights, and garland! Watching Morgans excitement and wonder as he watched in awe as we put the tree up. Makenzie giggled and kicked her little legs a mile a minute when we lit up the tree! She helped fluff the branches, licked a candy cane and even put a few ornaments on the tree!

It is late and I am tired so I will leave you with a sneak peek of the fun we had tonight!

What a great day.

I love traditions even if they aren't extravagant!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Deana said...

Love this time of year!

I'm curious about the AFO's Makenzie has. Do you know the name/type of them?

Makenzies Miracle said...

Her braces are called Sure Steps. Makenzie has worn AFO's and SMO's but these have been the best fit for what she needs.

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