Monday, November 22, 2010


Tonight after a long week of pump problems I got a new box of bags delivered. However as with most things Makenzie, it did not come without hours of phone calls, ladder climbing, and repeating myself about a hundred times.

Thursday I called Moog, the company that manufactures the Zevex pump. I ran through what had been going on. I told them we had switched out the pump 3 times, but that didn't help. They told me they were going to overnight  me a new pump door even after i told them I believed the problem to be in the bags. I mean really what do I know, I am just a mom. So I left it at that. Friday or Saturday  there was no new door but the pump was now not pumping more then 3/4 of a feed. We get one bag per day and I used 3 on Saturday!

So Saturday evening Makenzie's HHC company brought us a few bags from a different lot. These bags worked like a charm. Today I got on the phone with the HHC and we conferenced called Moog again. I have to say we talked to one of the rudest customer service reps that must exist! After she told us both matter of factly that she had never heard of any issues with their bags she told us that she would call the clinician I had spoke to on Thursday and find out what was going on.

Now me being me, and me knowing what I know about situations like this, I immediately called back and asked to talk to a supervisor. Of course there where none available so I left a message. Now being me AGAIN, I called back and asked for the contact number for the state rep and promptly left him a message as well.

To make a long story a bit shorter, the rude rep never called my home health company back, the supervisor never called me back, but the state rep did and tonight I have a brand new box of bags hanging out at my house and a new pump door to install onto Makenzie's pump.

"I just want to be able to feed my daughter. If I could feed Makenzie through her mouth I would but that doesn't work very well! This is the reason Makenzie is your client and why my insurance company dishes out hundreds of dollars a month to you. So if you would please help me help her that would be great! "

I must have told 10 different people this in the last 5 days but my persistence paid off!

Sometimes I wonder what these "professional" people think of me? I wonder how much eye rolling goes on? I wonder what is said after the phone gets hung up? I wonder if they even realize how important there job is to the health and well being of the many people they serve? I wonder if they have ever thought about what it would be like to be at the mercy of a company and their products to simply put nourishment into their child's body? I am guessing for the most part, the answer is no.

I did not write this post as a pity party to tell you how hard my life is but more as a post to proclaim victory over a system that is sometimes so very broken. I write this post to help educate about the day to day battles that are fought for Makenzie and every other child and adult who relies on medical equipment like this to achieve health.

As wonderful as Makenzie is doing she can not live life to it's fullest without her little blue feeding pump and every piece of tubing that goes with it. This stuff can't be bought at Super Walmart at 11:58pm. It has to be planned, ordered, and shipped. Someone has to be available and willing at a moments notice to fix it when it breaks. This is another part of my life that I embrace and am proud to claim victory over when the system wants to try and turn a blind eye to its most fragile.

Believe... Prayer Works!


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