Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Sucker Lickin' Good Time!

I was not sure if today would be salvageable. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I couldn't hear, smell, taste, and felt like my world was spinning.

I tried to carry on a conversation with Makenzie's PT and just got frustrated because I would say two words and then get cut off. This is normal but today I didn't have the patients.

 I went to vote and found out that a ballot was mailed to me so I had to fill out a manual one. I am sure the volunteers who were running the pole could tell when I growled at the idea of having to write out all of my info that I was not having a great morning.

 Then it was off to the doctor's office to get a TB test done for work. I had composed myself a bit by then. I am thinking the cold medicine had finally kicked in and I was physically feeling a bit better.

As soon as I got home it was time for therapy and a visit from Makenzie's nurse. We had a heated discussion about politics and it was then I knew I was feeling much better! LOL

The day was salvaged and the afternoon and evening has been amazing.

I got some really good news this afternoon. Makenzie has been on a medicaid waiver waiting list now for over 2 years. This waiver will provide Makenzie with funds to help modify our home and our van. It was also help pay for many out of pocket therapy expenses as well as respit care and help around the house. I am not sure where she started on the list but 9 months ago she was number 79. Today she is number 37 on the list! I am so excited! This waiver will be life changing!

After school the kids dug into their candy. My oldest brought Makenzie a sucker. Normally I hold the sucker and Makenzie licks it. I know she can get it to her mouth but I am afraid that she will put it into her mouth to far and bite a piece off. This afternoon I decided to let her try. She did great! She loved the sucker and worked so hard at getting it to her mouth and keeping it there so she could lick and lick and lick it! Go Makenzie! The battery was dead in my camera so I grabbed for the next best thing.... my phone. It didn't really want to focus when Makenzie moved but I got a few decent shots of her Sucker lickin' good time!

We dug out Rock Band tonight and the boys even shared with me a few times! Makenzie had a ton of fun watching and even helped me play a couple of times.

I am hoping the end of this cold is near. Please pray that it is. I am tired of being tired!

"The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results." (James 5:16, NLT)

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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