Thursday, November 18, 2010


After life calmed down a bit tonight and I could breath I sat and admired all of my children at the dinner table. Makenzie was sitting in my lap laughing at the boys while they ate and we talked about the day. Even as much frustration as day brought in that moment with my family it was worth every single second!

Shortly after I clicked publish on the post I wrote a few hours ago I received another call from the seating company.  The news was good. A cancellation. Makenzie's chair will now be done on Dec 14th instead of the 29th if everything goes well and we get a good mold the first time around. I was elated. I apologized for my snarky attitude earlier and we hung up.

Even though I apologized, part of me has no regret.  Had I been sweet as pie she would not have called me back to reschedule. She would never have given Makenzie's appointments a second thought but..... she did because my passion for what Makenzie needs was very obvious.

I try really hard not to be snarky but it really does get the job done in the medical community. If you push hard enough and loud enough people listen. Today Makenzie's voice was heard! Thank you Aspen for listening!

As I laid Makenzie down to bed and I looked into her big blue eyes I felt a sense of guilt wash over me. Guilt for being so frustrated. Guilt for wanting to throw the towel in. Guilt for forgetting why I get snarky. I kissed Makenzie's check and she smiled. As she drifted off to sleep I watched. I took in every breath remembering why days like today are so important.  Today is done and tomorrow is coming. There may be more frustrations on the horizon but it is all worth it in the end!

Sleep Tight!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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