Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ready, Set, Learn!

Tomorrow Makenzie and I officially start our homeschooling adventure. I have been working with Makenzie since I pulled her out of school but it did not take long for me to realize that I needed a bit of direction. I had several options to choose from and in the end decided to go with a company called k12. This is an online public school. They have real teachers and specialists and it is all FREE.  Makenzie was assigned a special education teacher and a regular ed teacher. They are working with me to adapt the curriculum to Makenzie's needs and by the end of the month there will be an updated IEP that is more then just "fluff"

I am feeling very good about this! Each and every person from this company has been so receptive to Makenzie's needs. I will sign Makenzie in every day, they will keep all of her records, and update her IEP, BUT I will be the deciding how Makenzie is educated. They offer get togethers with other family's, training classes, field trips and most all of the supplies needed including a computer.

Those said supplies arrived at my doorstep on Friday. Three big huge boxes.  They piled on top of the supplies I had already purchased and then all over my living room Makenzie's therapy room. So today I decided before we could begin this new adventure I needed to take control of all the stuff and get organized!

After church we headed to Target. I had taken careful count of what I had and about how I wanted it stored. I started out looking at plastic drawer systems but they were pricey and really I am sick of plastic drawers around my house. I have a stack of four for all of Makenzie's therapy stuff, a stack of 3 for her feeding stuff, and another small stack on my counter for her medicine and syringes. Enough is enough already.... right?

So I meandered over to the "furniture" section. There it was. It was not plastic. It did not look like a toy box and the crazy thing.... it compared pretty close in price to the plastic drawer systems. So I picked up the little but heavy rectangular box, along with light bulbs, and kitty litter and we headed home to put it together. HAHAHAHA

Lets just say I only had to take the wood looking laminate apart one time before getting it together the right way! Go me! Oh and I had some help from some very handy little men! Thanks boys!

So this is what I came up with. A clean organized room for Makenzie to learn in! I am pretty proud of all I got done in one afternoon!

I guess maybe I will have to start attacking the rest of my house with a little spring cleaning and organization!

So tomorrow you will find Makenzie and I in our newly re organized room learning our letters and colors. We will be giggling and making a mess! You may even find us cuddled up on the couch reading a book in between all of the bright colors and fun sounds of learning!

Believe... Prayer Works!


The Henrys said...

You did a great job. Good luck as you start your homeschool adventures!

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