Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reach and Touch!

This afternoon Makenzie and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie. I had given up on any productivity because nothing was going right. I had Makenzie in one arm and my phone in the other playing bejeweled. Makenzie kept touching the screen "messing up" my game. I looked down at her and said. "hey you stop touching my phone your messing mommy up." It wasn't until I reached the end of my sentence that I realized what had just come out of my mouth.

I had to tell my daughter to stop TOUCHING! I am not sure I ever thought I would being saying that to Makenzie. As I sit here I am still in awe. This is not the first time Makenzie has touched my phone but it is the first time I realized how much she is actually using her arms. This was a child who not very long ago had no idea she had arms and did not do anything purposeful with them at all.

With a smile on my face I looked down at Makenzie and asked if she wanted to help play mommy's game and a huge smile crept across her face. Makenzie I took turns playing. Makenzie had her pointer finger out and slid the jewels across the screen. She giggled and her mommy's heart filled with joy and thanksgiving!

After that moment on my couch with my amazing miracle Makenzie the fact that I was still having issues with her feeding pump didn't seem to matter. Running out of propane while trying to cook 12 lbs of ground meat for Makenzie's formula felt like a non issue and not being able to unscrew the tank from the grill so I could run to the store for more was forgotten. I could have cared less.

Here is a video of Makenzie playing with her iPad. It is not the best video but it serves the purpose of showing how well Makenzie is doing with reach and touch. The app she is playing is called "shapes". Makenzie is also doing a GREAT job of identifying shapes with great consistency.

After about 30 minute of reaching I took the work out of it and Makenzie and I had fun with Fireworks. Her laugh is so contagious!

I got new bags for her pump this evening and that seems to have fixed the problem. The HHC company I get Makenzie's supplies from is amazing! They have bent over backwards to make sure we have everything we need and when we need it even if it is Saturday night! Thanks!

I still have 12 lbs of meat in my fridge that needs to be grilled but tonight my dad came over and saved the day by getting the tank off. Tomorrow after church I will exchange the old for the new and you will find me standing out in the cold flipping burgers! Is there anyone who would like to join me for some burger weighing, pattying, cooking, and storing fun? Come on over... it will be a blast!

I am so glad Thanksgiving is in just a few days because this mommy has a LOT to be thankful for!

Believe...Prayer Works!


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