Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Memory Lane

I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

Makenzie decided that midnight would be a good time to get up and have congestion so we hung out for a while. She did alright today but the runny nose continued all day. So instead of heading to church we called it a early night in hopes that Makenzie and I can get a better nights rest tonight!

I spent some time this evening cleaning out my desk. I ran across some cds which had some old pictures on them. I decided to take a peek and man was that fun. My kids have grown up so much in the last few years!

Around the holidays I spend a lot of time thinking about life... I think about where we have been and where we are going.

I think a lot about the five years of Makenzie's life and about how drastically her little life has impacted this family's direction and how much she has touched so many lives.  I think about all the tears and pain. I think about all the triumphs and joy. I think a lot.

Looking at so many pictures tonight made me realize how proud I am of all of my kids! We have weathered some of the hardest storms a family could weather and made it through. The light at the end of the tunnel is illuminating my home and hope is abundant. This journey is far from over but I am so thankful for where we are today!

Here are some of the pictures I came across today! The ones of Makenzie in the hospital I had never seen before tonight. They are some of the very few pictures that were taken during her time in the hospital! What an emotional walk into the past but oh how amazing it is to see just how far she has come!

Makenzie at 9 months.

Makenzie at one year.

These pictures where taken in December 2006, three months before Makenzie's accident.

Makenzie about 2 weeks after her accident.

The boys look so little in this picutre taken while Makenzie was still in the hospital!

Our family today.... ok well several months ago but.... LOL!!

God is so good!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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