Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hoop Jumping

So the last few days have been amazing! Makenzie continues to do very well but today I am done. I am done jumping through other people hoops. I am done holding the hands of the organizations we work with attempting to get them to do their jobs. I am tired of filling out paper work, finding receipts, making appointments for ridiculous unimportant stuff just because some government agency says I have too.

Remember my post on privacy? Yeah, today was the train wreck of exactly what I was talking about in that post.

Yesterday was one of those days where you wished the mailman skipped your house. I got a notice of meeting from SSI. I get the pleasure of bringing with me all check stubs for any income I have received for December 2008 until now. REALLY? They will not accept a statement or earning nor photo copies unless they are certified! However, I have all of the stubs.... in one big unorganized pile...... that I now get to go through and organize before this funtastic meeting!

Then I got another letter confirming the need for IQ testing in order for Makenzie to qualify for funding through our county. Even better I get to find someone to perform the test and pay for it. Yeah me! I could care less what Makenzie's IQ is!

On to the need to hold the hands of those who are responsible for putting together the appointments to get Makenzie's new wheel chair together. It took a week for them to do nothing but when I stuck my two since in there were 3 appointments made for completion within three hours.... hmmmmmm. The chair will still not be ready for Makenzie to use until December 29th which makes me really upset.  I was hoping Makenzie would have it by Christmas so that she would have the needed support to be able to help open her presents for the first time since her accident. This brought tears to my eyes to think about another year going by without that happening. Frustrating!

And last but not least I am still having issues with Makenzie's feeding pump. Today I contacted the manufacture and did not really get anywhere after 2 phone calls and over an hour on the phone. I was asked if I could kindly call back and file a complaint because the woman I was speaking with did not have the ability to do so. Why not? I kindly told her I would when I had time to make another lengthy phone call. They are going to send me a new door overnight but I am not seeing how that is going to help but it's all I've got at this point!

So Makenzie is physically doing so well and I am grateful. That is what matters in the end but getting there sometimes can be so utterly frustrating! Jumping through the same hoops over and over is just not what I had planned for today!

(If you ever wanted to know what those beautiful blonde locks of hair look like in the morning before I do Makenzie's hair..... here is your chance!!! We had a slow start to the morning but she did so good today in PT I had to show off her sit to stand skills... bed head or not!)

I am praying this evening goes a bit smoother. I guess in about an hour there will be no more buisness calls at least.... that will be nice!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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