Friday, November 12, 2010

Girl Your Amazing!

I watched this brought tears to my eyes.

Broken is so amazingly beautiful. But really, what is broken? I look at that little girl, Sarah Grace, in the video and I see amazing! I look at Makenzie and I see amazing. I do not see broken, however, as much as I hate it.... most of the world does.

More and more though it does not matter to me. I have met so many wonderful people who see the same amazing beauty I see when I look at Makenzie. People who understand the lengths I go to in order to see Makenzie has everything she needs. I have met people who get my passion for the cause.

Today I verified that the wheelchair process is moving in the right direction. Therapists are being contacted, the base has been ordered and should be here within 7-14 days. Before Christmas Makenzie should have a new wheel chair. Words could not begin to describe my excitement! A huge thank you to the people who have fought for this "cause" for so long on Makenzie's behalf! It means the world to me and my family!

This week I have also been looking into ways to get Makenzie some social interaction since she is not going to school. Today I enrolled her in swimming lessons at a warm water pool! Makenzie LOVES the pool and I am so excited to see how she responds when she is in warm water instead of ice cold water. We will start this next week!

I am also exploring story time at the library, an open gymnastics gym, and a music class through the rec center.

Stigma or no stigma, broken or not broken, I am guessing all of the new people we meet during these activities will fall in love with Makenzie...... because...... she is simply amazing..... Just the way she is!

Believe... Prayer Works


HelenClyde said...

Yep, this video is stunning and heartwrenching. I first saw it a few weeks ago, and immediatly sent it to my cousin, whos daughter is a DS-sweetie. Its amazing how the song fits here :)

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