Saturday, November 6, 2010

The End of a Great Week!

Rest and relaxation. I got a bit of that today! Today was the first day all week that I had no where to be all week. It felt very good but at the same time a bit dull.

This week has been such a wonderful week. I have been on cloud nine and sometimes that makes my mind go non stop. This is a bad thing when it comes to sleep. I can't get my body to shut down. I lay in bed thinking about all of the great things that have happened, replaying them in my mind over and over. Weird I know! LOL Today however cloud nine or not I was tired!

In the middle of the week I got a phone call from a woman I didn't know. Turns out someone I knew had given her my phone number. She is a mommy with a little boy the same age as Makenzie. Her little boy has special needs similar to Makenzie's and she is also a single mommy. The best part.... she live like 10 minutes from me. I am so excited!

I was able to meet her and her son the next day when she offered to donate a Tumbleform feeding seat to Makenzie that  her son had out grown . What a blessing! I can not wait to get to know her and her beautiful little boy!

Makenzie has  been moving a ton more lately. Last night I laid with her upstairs. I started to play a game with her. One of her favorites. I roll her away from me and she rolls back over to get me. She giggled and laughed and then started rolling over onto her stomach instead of her side. She just kicked and wiggled. She seemed so comfortable which is usually not the case. She started bring her legs and bottom up like she was going to crawl. Then she pulled both of her arms up and started lifting her head off the ground. She can hold her head up prone but never ever has she initiated it by herself! Go Makenzie.

Then today I laid her on the floor again while I was working on the computer and when I turned around she had moved about 2 feet from where I had put her. She looked at me and smiled just as proud as could be! Movement, Movement, YEAH, Movement!!!

And finally there is the iPad... whether she is watching or playing she gets entertainment and learning! Kaleb had her laughing so hard last night while he played!

It was a great week! It was a somewhat sleepless week but I survived it! Tomorrow we will be heading to church and then I will be spending the day organizing all of this......

I think they shipped a whole classroom to me on top of what I already had! I am excited to really get going with this homeschooling  but first I have to find a place to put all this stuff! LOL!

Well, it is now 10pm and Makenzie is still awake. I have tried gwtting her down to sleep since 7:30pm. I guess I am going to wrap this post up and go try again.

Believe... Prayer Works


Donna, said...

I love your new blog design!

I'm looking into homeschooling my daughter too. Where did you purchase the curriculum?

Take care!

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