Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Common Cold

This morning Makenzie woke up with a bit of a runny nose. Her therapist called and cancelled so I decided to just take it easy. Makenzie and I cuddled and read books. We giggled and laughed. Man I love that girl!

I got to thinking about the common cold. I thought back to how bad a simple cold effected Makenzie pre stem cells. I remembered having to stop Makenzie's feeds and give Pedialyte I thought about how long it took to get Makenzie back on track after a cold. I thought about the ambulance ride at about midnight over secretions that were too thick for Makenzie to handle.I used to be so afraid at the first site of a runny nose. I knew what was coming.

Knocking on wood, the common cold these day is just that.... the common cold. Stem Cell therapy really helped Makenzie's immune system. It has been a very noticeable night and day change. A change that was worth every dime, worry, and second we spent on this therapy.

Makenzie had a great day. She tolerated all of her food at a normal rate. She was happy and we enjoyed relaxing together. Makenzie played with my phone and some how managed to delete my facebook widget. There were no phone calls to any companies, her pump worked like a charm, and Toy Story 3 was enjoyed by all four of my kiddos before bed!

Tomorrow begins the long weekend. It begins the baking of sweet potatoes and turkey. It begins the overwhelming spirit of thanksgiving. It  begins the dragging out of all that is Christmas. It begins holiday music, hot chocolate, and candy canes. It begins the reality that yet another year has almost come to an end.

What a great year it has been!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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