Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After Makenzie's pump alarmed 3 times tonight in 15 mins and then gave me an error message and would not run,  I took the whole pump downstairs to throw it into the trash can figure  out what was going on. This issue has been haunting me for the last several weeks and I am at a loss for what to do.

The sensors on the feeding pump are a bit sensitive and I have noticed the longer water sits in the bag the more air bubbles form and then the pump won't run. I a gave in to google tonight and searched  "how do i take bubbles out of water?"

I got some pretty funny answers to this question but none of which really helped. I did however get a chemistry lesson on why the air bubbles are there but absolutely no good way to get rid of them. I gave up and refilled the bag with Pedialite in hopes that it will run tonight and Makenzie will get enough fluid.  I have now resported to crossing my fingers because nothing else has worked! Ahhhhhhh!

Other then my unwanted lesson on why air gets trapped in water today was a great day. Makenzie had 3 hours of therapy and did great! Her OT had her laughing so hard I was afraid she was going to puke and her PT worked her out so hard.

Makenzie;s speech therapist and I sat down today and figured out that if Makenzie cooperates when we go to capture her shape for her new wheelchair seat next week we should have a finished product in 17 days!!!! I am so excited!

I am also excited to get to bed! I am tired! I have tons of pictures of our tree trimming and an awesome video of Makenzie laughing super hard today but I am to tired to get them all uploaded! Sorry! I will try to get them up in the morning if my day allows for some computer time! We shall see!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


Janice said...

I stumbled upon your blog a while back. Sorry I have not commented earlier to let you know I have been following Makenzies progress. First, you are a spectacular mom. I commend you for the work you put into finding the best treatments and therapies for her. I am a nurse and work in the endoscopy lab. We use simethicone liquid in the water for 'bubbles'. Also, not to alarm you, but I was wondering if you have heard of Barrette's esophagus? With the reflux Makenzie is having I would be concerned about this. You might want to google these for more info and talk with her doctors. God bless you both. Makenzie is so precious. Melinda

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