Monday, November 15, 2010

The Best That We Can Be!

Makenzie kept up her not wanting to go to bed shenanigans last night. I let her cry for a good while and eventually she stopped..... or so I thought. I went up to check on her and found the door open and her brother laying next to her. He couldn't take hearing his little sister cry anymore. What a great big brother he is! However, this meant I had to start all over on the quest to get her to go to bed! She did finally and so did I. This pattern however is not really working out very well for me because I have stuff that needs to be done before I go to bed! Oh well! No use crying over spilled milk right?

Meeting new people is always fun. In the last couple of weeks I have spent some a lot of time getting to know another mother who has an amazing son, Giovanni. When Giovanni was born  it was quite a traumatic experience. He suffered global delays but it now a happy three year old who has stolen the hearts of many!

Giovanni's mommy, Christina and I met about a year ago at a park while getting our picture taken with so other friends. We began to talk on Facebook here and there and then I called to talk to her about the FUNDO we have considered for Makenzie. Well, hours later we have talked about anything and everything.


 For me this is very therapeutic almost. Sometimes I wonder if what I write down is how I really feel. Talking to someone new, telling the story of Makenzie over from the beginning, hearing someone else's story from the beginning, hashing out old issues and new, makes me realize that I do.

So what do I feel? I feel at peace.

What does that really mean? For me it means that even though the unimaginable happened to my daughter and even though she has not been completely restored I am happy. I love Makenzie for who she is and I realize that she may always have special needs but I also have hope that she will continue to grow and heal and progress forward.

I realize that each and every type of alternative and traditional therapy that we have done was well worth the time and energy and we will continue many of these therapy's.

Why then you may ask if I am at peace and realize that Makenzie may have special needs for the rest of her life would I continue putting the time and money into therapies? Well, another one of my friends said it best here in her journal on November 11th 2010.


Love it! I love how so many of us mom's of special needs grieve in so many different ways but at the end of the day what we want for our kids is so much the same! 

My thoughts on it are this.... I want each of my boys to succeed in life. I want them to be the best that they can be. When they decided what that is I will support them in any way I can. I will invest money in their college, I will invest time, I will support and respect them for whatever they want to do with their lives. 

However, that does not necessarily mean that they will succeed. (as their mom I would love it if they did!) Even if I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars putting my kid through medical school, this does not mean he will be a successful doctor. At the end of his residency he may end up deciding to be a teacher in a third world country and that, would make me equally as proud! 

The point being, brain injury or not, there are never any guarantees in life but that doesn't mean we don't set our hopes and dreams high and try till we can't try any more!

So I will continue to expect Makenzie to be the best that she can be as well, trying whatever God leads us to and walking through open doors!

Believe... Prayer Works!

PS I have some fun pictures and videos that I will be posting later tonight.


The Henrys said...

Very perfectly said!

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