Friday, November 19, 2010

4th Grade Acceptance

For the first time today since Makenzie's accident I went to the school to help in my son's 4th grade class room. There really wasn't a ton of help needed but my son was so happy to me his sister!

It was so much fun to watch him introduce Makenzie to all of his friends. It was a simple this is my sister Makenzie. There were no explanations about her wheelchair, her lack of head control, or her drool. She was just his sister. He loves her so much and as I watched this event unfold it was very clear that even in the presence of people that do not know our family, he sees nothing different about Makenzie. To him there are only 2 words that describe Makenzie.... My sister.

Of course there were the common questions all kids ask...... can she talk, can she walk?...... I have stopped giving the whole explanation I just simply say no and if they ask why..... which is about a 50/50 crap shoot.... I will explain that Makenzie's brain is hurt and this makes it hard for her to do those things. End of conversation.

K pushed Makenzie around in the hall for a few minutes while I talked to his teacher about what help she may need. This attracted many of my son's classmates right out the door to see what was going on. There was one little girl that insisted on pushing Makenzie around too!

Makenzie helped her brother color a BINGO card and then we all sat down on the floor to play. Can you guess who got the first BINGO..... yep..... thats right..... Makenzie did! LOL!! We had a great time!

After BINGO the class headed to another classroom to watch and movie and Makenzie and I headed home.

As we were leaving the teacher invited us back on Monday to help make edible Maps! You better bet we will be there! Apparently parents only screw up the dynamics in certain classrooms.....cause we were sure welcome in this one which made me one happy momma!

I am so glad that we got to spend this time at school. Makenzie even saw a few of her friends in the hallway. They were so excited to see her after 6 weeks! It made me a bit sad because she was so loved at school! She had so many friends but she wasn't safe and there were too many other loose ends that weren't getting resolved  for her to attend. I really do hope that one day all of these issues can be resolved but for today we will have to just hang out with the 4th graders!

Here is a song that was posted by a friend on facebook this morning. It is a beautiful song sung by one amazing little girl!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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