Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Where Special Kids Shine"


It was a nice day. A nice day to go watch a softball tourney to benefit The Rise School. My good friends put together this tournament to support their daughter's school. This does a stand up job of educating children with different needs. It is a school I would love for Makenzie to go to but unfortunately the drive is to far and the price tag is to high.

With help from Mary Beth Graff(Photos), and Julia's dad,Shawn (getting the image to the printer) I designed this banner to hang at the tournament. I am quite proud of the way it turned out! Yes that is me tooting my own horn! Sorry! LOL

Here is Julia with her banner!

It was a bit windy but the company was GREAT! I talked with friends, watched a little ball. The boys ate funnel cakes and made character balloons. Makenzie hung out with her buddy Julia and admired all of the dogs. So many amazing people there for such a wonderful cause!

Once again I am reminded of how good this world is! I am reminded of how many people care! What a great day!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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