Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The sun is up, kind of. It is dark, cold, and wet from drizzle but it is a new day. I woke up late. Really late to my alarm. It had been going off for almost thirty minutes before I actually arose to its annoying sound. I jumped out of bed and ran into my oldest sons room. He too had slept in because mommy had. It was 5 minutes before the bus came and I could feel the panic set in. Deep breath in, deep breath out. It is a new day remember?

I called a neighbor friend and found a ride for my son as he was clearly not going to make the bus and began to make Makenzie's formula. I started to think about yesterday over the top of my growling blender. I thought for a second about apologizing for yesterdays post.

Was it a bit over dramatic? Yes and no. It is my life. I could put a smile on my face and write only about the peachy, happy fun loving, events in my life but I choose not to. Days like yesterday are tiring. They make me sad and frustrated. I want want is best for every single one of my kids. Plain and simple, and when dealing with an institution that is unbending you can only run into the wall so many times before you break.

The really nice thing about yesterday was that I was allowed to break for the first time in a long time. At 3:30 the nanny walked through the door. I did not have to push through homework, dinner, laundry, showers, dishes, and bedtime routine. I was able to decompress. I was able to take some time for me in my emotional exhaustion because someone else was here to push through all of the other stuff for me. What a gift!

So today Makenzie and I are going to spend some time learning, cuddling, shopping and sipping some coffee on this dreary day. I am refocused and ready to move on. I am sure this isn't the end of my battles over education but today I am not going to think about that.

I am going to think about how well everyone in my little family is doing.  My oldest son is getting all A's and B's in school which is a far cry from where he was last year. My 11 year old is doing so well in Math that the school may move him into a more advanced class. My youngest son was recognized at school for good character with an award and breakfast with the principal. He was so proud! Makenzie is doing amazing with therapy. She is learning how to keep her legs quite so that the rest of her body can move as well as coloring lines with her paints.

Everything from yesterday is still here. The sunshine may be hiding behind the clouds outside but today is going to be a sunshiny kind of day! The trials and frustrations will not go away but  I feel so blessed to know  God trusts me enough to have given me all He has... even days like yesterday.

Believe... Prayer Works!


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