Sunday, October 3, 2010


"You better be nice to me because my father runs the world."-Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen

Gianna Jessen survived a saline abortion. Not only did this amazing woman survive the most horrible of fates but she continues to survive and very well at that! The lasting effects of the abortion attempt for Gianna included CP.  Just like all of our kiddos, Gianna did not ask to have a disability. Her care givers were also told that she would amount to nothing and yet if you watched the above speech it is very clear they were VERY wrong!

Gianna was very lucky to have been cared for by people that believed in her, people who could look past what everyone else said and thought and still were able to hope for her future. People that worked hard and never gave up.After all she was a miracle.

I think after 3 years this is one of the hardest things for me. People begin to loose hope. People wonder why I am still fighting so hard for Makenzies quality of life. I get the looks of pity when I tell people my goals, hopes, and dreams, for Makenzie.

 I have gotten the eye rolls when I tell people how smart Makenzie is. I have gotten  sarcasm from even my closest friends and family about advocating for Makenzie in things like school. I get the look when I talk about doing things with my daughter that other 5 year old little girls love to do. Sometimes the look comes with a statement like.... why would you spend the money on that?... She will never know the difference, she doesn't understand or won't care.

Let me let you in on something..... YES SHE DOES!

Just because she can't tell me with her words, Makenzie makes her likes and dislikes VERY clear. Just because she can't walk or sit doesn't mean that she doesn't like to run and play.

So what is quality of life and who gets to define "quality"? Is is People Magazine? How about doctors? Maybe the government? How about Hollywood? Maybe your friends and family?

I think WE get to define quality. I think we can either choose to be sad, frustrated, hopeless, or disappointed in what we have or do in this life or...... we can choose to embrace who we are. We can appreciate what life has given us as beauty regardless of what we or our children can or can not do. We can be thankful even when we are dealt a bad hand.

I personally think Makenzie has some of the best quality life has to offer! She has not a care in the world. She is always happy. There is always a giggle to be found and her life has made an impact on so many.

I have high hopes for Makenzie whether or not the rest of the world thinks I am crazy. I know healing is happening every single day. I think about Makenzie's future and some of the politics are daunting but her quality of life..... that is something I no longer worry about much. I continue to trust that God will continue to hold Makenzie in his healing arms and give me the strength to deal with all of the other stuff the world will throw at us.

Believe... Prayer Works!


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