Saturday, October 2, 2010


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Today we headed out to a DME Expo in town. We as always were running late but made it time to see most of what we wanted to see and to try out some cool stuff!

We attended this event last year as well. I wrote about it here. It was amazing in one year how many more people in this "world" we have met and now know. I really feel so blessed! We met Makenzie's PT and OT there and made it as far as our seating company before we were stopped in our tracks.

There is something I have wanted to try with Makenzie for a LONG time..... a power wheel chair. They had one just her size there. Ok well, it was a bit big and not even close to being fitted  for her but I wanted to try any ways.

So I stuck Makenzie in the chair. There was a run for different parts from other vendors and a few tools need to adjust the joystick a bit. If I was a finger nail bitter you would have seen me biting at that moment. I was so nervous that they were going to spend all kinds of time changing the chair for Makenzie to not do anything.

Makenzie got a bit frustrated with the whole ordeal but did fairly well. Finally all the adjusting was done. It was time. A moment I have been envisioning for a long time. Makenzie was going to sink or swim. Was she going to get it?

It was in this moment that I realized just how special my kids are. I realized how much they have learned and how accepting they have become in the last 3 years.

I looked up and found my 2 very normal boys riding around in two other power chairs that were there. Having a good o'le time..... in wheelchairs. I called for them to come over. We helped Makenzie find the joystick and before I knew it 3 of my kids were spinning circles around each other! I am pretty sure my smile lit up the whole room. My daughter was PLAYING.... BY HERSELF with her brothers. Writing that sentence bring tears to my eyes. What a perfect moment!

Even more amazing is that the chair was not the right size. It did not have the right supports, and to put icing on the cake the joy stick was on Makenzie's least functional side. Yet she still managed to move, play and giggle all the while. She SWAM! She DID IT! Do you understand how big this could make her world?

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

There are many steps to take before we can even think about ordering her a power chair. The first one being.... getting her Aspen seat. It has now been over 90 days. A bit over a week ago we receive our first denial from insurance. Two more to go before we will have the pleasure of taking them to court. I will be calling them on Monday. I will be taking many pictures of her in her current seat. I will be sending them MANY e-mails. I will do whatever it takes. She will have this chair sooner then later.

Then there is the issue of transporting a power chair. Which brings us back to the modified van issue. With the help of my family there is a plan in place for me to be able to purchase an accessible van but not for another few years.

I am not going to worry. I know that when it is the right time it will happen. Last year I would have never even tried to sit her in that chair. This year despite all the sticks against her she took of, Makenzie flew, and I am so very proud and so was she!

So now for the bad news.... I messed up the video I took.... or didn't take rather. Luckily Makenzie's OT took video so I will make sure to grab the file from her on Monday. So until then just picture princess Makenzie spinning in circles, with a big huge smile on her face, and the contagious giggle from a very special little girl!

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