Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ouch Your Kicking Me!

I went to bed last night with a clean kitchen. This morning Makenzie slept in so I treated myself to a little extra sleep as well. When I can downstairs I found my oldest son in the kitchen making pancakes. I love that he is old enough to do these things and he does a great job. However, in the process the kitchen ends up exploding with dishes, pancake mix, and syrup. I stood in the doorway not knowing whether to laugh or cry!

I spent a good part of the morning talking to another mommy who lives not far from us. We met her family at a park many months ago and I have been friends with her since then. Today was the first time we ever really talked though. I am not sure why but this conversation was LONG overdue. The conversation started with the FUNDO as her son has had the wrap for quite some time now. Then we talked about every thing else. It was great. I hung up the phone feeling understood and I am pretty sure right now in my life that is one of the best feelings I could experience! Thanks Christina!

Today was kind of a laid back day. I had some plans in the works that fell through so we ended up just hanging out. Makenzie has started a new game with me. It is a really cool game. As we laid on the bed this afternoon watching big brother build a house on Sims 3 Makenzie started kick me. Every time her foot hit me I would scream "Ouch' and she would laugh. This is not new but what happened next was amazing. I moved away from her and smiled, looking into her eyes and teasing her with a challenge...I would say.... "ha ha you can't get me! Now what are you going to do?"

Makenzie would laugh even harder. Then she would twist, turn, roll, and kick until she found my body again usually at my feet. Her laughter became  uncontrollable as she kicked and wiggled until she was almost kicking my face and had turned almost in a circle. So much fun! I think the best part was knowing that Makenzie understood completely the game we were playing TOGETHER!

It was a good day ending with Burger King cookie dough pie and funnel cake sticks. Ode to the things kids think are good! It made them happy so who cares right?

Believe... Prayer Works!


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