Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miracle's Happen!

I just tucked Baby Morgan into to bed for his first sleepover without mommy. He is all cuddled up next to Makenzie on his boppy pillow. Makenzie is sharing her princess blanket tonight! I am thinking that Morgan will be receiving his own weighed blanket from his Aunty Santa Claus for Christmas this year. He sleeps so much better with it on but that doesn't surprise me at all! Until then they both look so peaceful sleeping together under the purple princess's!

So big news around here the last couple of days. I posted here about checking Makenzie's stomach contents to see how much remained at the start of her next feeding. In the process I found a bunch of air. Well the big news is removing that air may be a BIG part of the answer for Makenzie's reflux!

Yesterday Makenzie did not reflux one time! She was so happy and so was mommy! This was first day since Maknzie's accident that she has had no issue's with reflux! I am in awe of God's mighty healing powers! Believe.... Miracle's happen!

Today was not a complete repeat but pretty dang close. I am still trying to get ahold on the timing of taking the air out but it seems like anytime the reflux starts to flare up if you vent Makenzie's stomach the reflux stops. I am on cloud nine right now! It is to early to say if this is the complete answer but I have REALLY enjoyed the last two days!

The other highlight of my day was getting a letter from the school. I was expecting a letter written up from the principal that outlined some of the things we had talked about it. We had discussed  the said letter over a week ago and I figured that would be what it was..... nope. It was instead a letter addressing my daughter's "truancy" from school. Seriously? Still wondering where the letter that the principal said her would be sending is? No actually I am not wondering because I am sure it isn't coming. After 7 business days I have given up.

I had not officially withdrawn Makenzie from school yet because I was trying to work things out with the school. I had requested for her IEP to be redone, I contacted 2 of Makenzie's doctors to help me with the health plan, and I had orders changed for her G-tube button in order to have a spare at school. All of those things I felt and still feel are things that need to be addressed for her medical safety before she attends school without me there and I made it very clear to the principal that these things needed to be done before Makenzie would return to school. I am not sure if we can continue to work on these things if I withdraw her from the school but I guess we will find out because it will be happening tomorrow before legal action is taken for the truancy of a child who is not even required to attend school at 5 years old. This is our tax dollars at work people!

I am praying that tomorrow will bring many more good things and Makenzie will continue to do just as well as she has been the last 48 hours with her feeds! I am very excited and feel like we are on the right track.

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Believe... Prayer Works and Miracles Happen!


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