Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Messy Blessings

You know you are a special mom when you smile and laugh as you clean up stomach contents off the ceiling.

Yeah today after I aspirated the air out of Maknzie stomach I was pushing the extra air out of the syringe so I could return the contents back into the stomach. The syringe I was using was old and didn't slid well anymore. I was chatting with the nanny and I could not get the plunger to move. I pushed and pushed and nothing it wouldn't budge. I thought all was a lost cause and just as I had about given up it popped and splattered all over the ceiling. We laughed so hard as I stood on a chair wiping up the mess with a sponge.

To me I find it pretty hilarious that I can laugh about that. I think it is amazing that my kids are so used to all of this weird medical stuff that it doesn't gross them out. I really do love my life stomach acid and all!

Today was another great day! Makenzie and Morgan had a great nights sleep. Morgan woke up one time about 3:30am and slept until about 6:30am. After therapy and a Morgan nap we headed off to Whole Food's Paycheck to pick up some more meat and grains for Makenzie's formula. On the way home we stopped to visit my sister in law.

In about 12 weeks I am going to be an Aunt to 2 new little baby and my kids are going to have baby cousins. For now my sister in law is on bed rest because of the onset of mild contractions. We had a great visit and I am so excited! Please pray for health for both mommy and babies!

Makenzie only had 2 episodes of reflux ALL day! There has been no coughing, very little gaging, and a very happy and comfortable little girl! I spent the night grilling 9 pounds of ground meat. Tonight I was so happy to do it. Tonight as I cooked her food I knew it was going to nourish Makenzie  and not end up on my shoes!

I am sure this post is all over the place. I am sorry. I am so tired. My eyes are heavy. I have so much to say but I can't get it on paper the right way so I am going to call it a night! Thank You all for the prayers. The last 3 days have been  HUGE answers to many prayers!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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