Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackets and Tee-Shirts

Fall time has come. Soon it will be time to carve pumpkins and dress in silly clothes with coats, hats, and gloves over top walking around begging for candy. We will rake leaves into big piles only to jump into the pile scattering them again. We will start Christmas shopping and buy wood for the fire place. It is living. It is fun! It is fall!

It is cool in the morning. So cool that sweatshirts and jackets are required. By the afternoon the jacket comes off and a t-shirt goes on. As the sunsets the jackets come back out and the cool returns. This time of the year produces more laundry then one would care to talk about.

Tonight we threw the jackets back on and headed to the elementary school for their annual fall carnival. My oldest decided that he was now official to old for the event and really I don't blame him. We all ate way to much cotton candy and pop corn. My youngest boy child got a wrist full of shaped plastic bracelets, and we won a yummy chocolate cake after ending up on the right number during the cake walk. All in all it was a good time. For ten bucks I really can't complain.

After wards we headed to a friends house for pizza and a movie. It got a bit too late and I had to leave early and get Princess Makenzie into bed. The boys just returned and are all crawling into bed as I type.

It was a long day. I am so very tired. I am ready to crawl under the covers too!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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