Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Feel Winter Coming!

Today it drizzled all day! Finally! I am not sure why summer has hung on for so long but I believe it is giving into winter at last! Four seasons is why I love where I live. I have friends in other parts of the country who will still be mowing the lawn the day before Christmas. My yard however will be sprinkled with a layer of white snow begging to be rolled up into a snowman complete with a carrot nose. I can't wait!

I did not turn on the heater just yet but tonight it was very tempting. We bundled up for church and after the van warmed for a bit we were off. During church Makenzie usually sits nice and quiet on my lap. Today how ever after several bursts of laughing and much babbling I had to take her out. Another moment that makes my heart sing!

This afternoon instead of hanging at home we headed to the swimming pool. For the first time in over a week my kids were reunited with our friends at their temporary hotel home. Fire or not they are inseparable. My heart has been heavy all week for my boys. I have tried to talk to them about what happened. I have reassured them everything will be alright. Nothing however beats getting to see for themselves that every one is ok by having a great time being boys splashing in the pool and hanging out watching a movie together.

As always Makenzie loved the pool. We spent a while in the hot tub and she was so loose when we were done. Makenzie was able to touch the bottom and she found the stairs. She had so much fun stepping up the stairs and onto my lap. She stood up so strait and did a bunch of weight bearing all on her own. So cute and she was so proud!

We are now home. Everyone is snug in their beds. My son dug out his heated blanket tonight and I am looking forward to a more fall like week ahead!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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