Friday, October 22, 2010

The How Many Things Can You Fit Into One Day Game

Last night I sat down on my couch. It was late and my friend was over. I grabbed my laptop to blog and stared at the screen.  Nothing came to mind so I put it down.

Today on the other hand was CRAZY! The day started bright and early with breakfast and 3 extra kiddos. My friend Erica had to meet a moving company at her house by 8am so I kept the kids so that she could take care of business without any added stress.

I jumped in the car at about 8:20am with 3 non ambulatory kids and 2 who are way too ambulatory. I stopped by Sonic to pick up lunch for my son who was going on a field trip today, dropped him off at school, and headed to the hospital for speech therapy. Thing is it was not for Makenzie but instead for Erica's daughter. We were running late so I valet parked the van, unloaded 2 strollers and a wheelchair. The look the valet employee gave me was priceless when I started unloading kids.

After we dropped one of at therapy we took a stroll around the hospital looking at all the sites. Took a gander at the gift shop and played with some Sesame Street dolls.  It was l bit weird to be there for something that had NOTHING to do with Makenzie. We picked Em up from therapy and headed back downstairs to get some pancakes from the cafeteria. Anytime I have the chance to eat breakfast at the hospital I do because it is so very good.

However nothing in my life is ever that easy. My wallet was in my valet parked van which they so kindly fetched so I could grab my wallet and they could re park my car! Crap! We ordered our pancakes.... 2 chocolate and 1 blueberry, grabbed some juice and headed to a table. Well after waiting for a good long while I asked if the woman taking the orders could check and make sure our food was being made and sure enough it wasn't! I told you nothing is ever simple around here. Needless to say breakfast was free but it sure was good!

The rest of the afternoon went off without a hitch. Makenzie had a great speech session at home and Morgan took a really nice nap.  Then the phone was the school....again...... deep breath in, deep breath out....litterally.

Yes I am going to complain some more so if you want to skip the next 2 paragraphs that is cool.... at this point I am just documenting what is going on for future reference so.......... rant started......

On the other end of the phone was the special education teacher. She was calling to tell me that the meeting time I had suggested for the meeting she wanted to have, but  had no clue about 2 days ago according to the principal, and seemed to know perfectly well about today, was not going to work. She suggested doing it in three weeks during conference times so that they could work with Makenzie before they reviewed her IEP and added a few things to the one that is currently in place.. At this point I want to SCREAM because I have made it very clear for starters that Makenzie will not return to school until the IEP is correct and also that I want the whole IEP redone not just reviewed. I am really not sure at this point what to do in order to get them to hear me. Maybe I should try dancing naked while singing my requests to them, I am thinking that may possibly get their attention?

So I once again notified the teacher that Makenzie would not be returning to school until the IEP was fixed and I felt that all aspects of Makenzie's medical care were addressed appropriately. She feels as though it is a catch 22 because how possibly could they make goals for her if they are not working with her. My thought on that one is that they had 8 weeks. Did they not start making these goals already? No they did not! I tried to assit them but they did not hear not one single word that I said and took none of my suggestions and ran with them so I guess she can figure out her own catch 22 problem cause I tried. I told her that before I agreed to any more meetings that I also wanted a detailed agenda of what would be discussed at any meeting for here on, sent to me so that I can run it by my attorney and  no more of my time or money is wasted in this process. We shall see what they come up with but it is fall break next week so I am 100% confident I will be left alone for the next 10 days! I am very excited! Rant over..........

Makenzie continues to do WONDERFUL with her feeds! This is the longest stretch we have ever gone with no major problems! I am starting to feel more and more confident that I have found the answer to her reflux. Funny thing is venting was never suggested by any doctor but discovered by me in the shadow of the doctors suggestion to cut her open. I like to start simple before sticking a knife where it doesn't belong and I am so over joyed right now to see Makenzie thriving and happy with so much more physical comfort. We still have a few episodes a day of spit up but it is no more then 2cc's and there have been 0 episodes of coughing, choking, gaging, or puking!!! Go Makenzie and THANK YOU JESUS!

The night ended with my friend watching ALL of my children so that I could run some errands. It is amazing how much you can get done in a short period of time when you don't have to lug in any kids! When I got home Makenzie had taken a bath, her hair had been done, and her dinner was ready to go! I am pretty sure that is the first time I have not had to do the whole bedtime routine with Makenzie and it was a nice, nice break!

I am guessing that tomorrow will be as crazy as today but I welcome it! Thank you for all of the prayers!

Believe.... Prayer Works and Miracles Happen!


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