Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Fun Full of Teenage Moments!

Did you know that it is entirely possible to ruin a 13 year old's morning by eating his 6 inch Subway sandwich? Yeah well it is.

I ate it last night. I was starving and had no idea it was his. This afternoon he came looking for it but it was gone. I offered him a different one but that was a no go. I offered him something else... nope that was not going to work either and off he went stomping up the stairs to bug his brothers. I was accused of not having any food.... yeah well any that he liked that is.... because it was not HIS left over sandwich..... poor him.

This tirade went on for a good long while. I fed him leftover sloppy joes and he was none too happy about it. He was after all STARVING! I am not sure I am cut out for this teenager stuff but I am on a very fast learning curve.

Remember this 2 hour tantrum started with a missing sandwich..... seriously! Yeah... geez!

The afternoon was salvaged with a trip to grandmas house. We all had a lot of fun carving a pumpkin, making carmel apples... ok truth be told I just ate the carmel..... the boys made the apples, and we all sat down to a wonderful dinner topped off with supper yummy apple crisp. Thank You Mom!

The boys spent the night with grandma and Makenzie and I came home. I laid Makenzie down to bed and spent the next hour playing navigator for Erica. Tomorrow her husband will return from Iraq. She is so excited to see him the moment he gets off the airplane but had no clue how to get to the base. With no Internet I have become the map quest showfer! LOL!

Today was a gift even with the teenage moments. I guess I will get used to it but man it seems like yesterday I was the new mommy to a teeny tiny little baby. Today that baby is all grown up and his brothers are following very quickly behind! Look Out World!

Believe... Prayer Works!


mary clendinning said...

As always just want to say how we admire you and all the things you do for your kids. We've been traveling and I haven't read your blog for awhile and have been catching up today. You and your family are in our prayers.

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